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Kock StrongI almost got there with a hard push up the centre - but failed at the last to get to VC buildings macrobosanta
Devil's HillAmericans had an effective assault slowly and surely eliminating the German defense. The Americans were able to get behind the hill taking out the option of a reverse slope defense. dmareske
Devil's HillA weak initial setup gave the Americans an opportunity to neutralize the German left flank on the German's first turn. With the left flank open, the Americans quickly maneuvered around and up the hill. The assault on the right flank was slower but effective. German reinforcements were able to counter attack and retake a foxhole, but the gains were short lived after a 2KIA against a German MMC and 8-1 SMC. Heloanjin
Stonewalling the Fuehrer Danno
Stonewalling the FuehrerThis is a new design from Tony D'Andrea. Dan and I gave it a playing and it really played out well. A nice, close, tight firefight with good combined arms action. My Germans struggled due to bad rolls, but slowly got into the village. The Wolverines went down a MKIV and to the Panther. Two MKIV's were recalled and another was destroyed by a bazooka. The Germans won in the very last CC. That is exactly the kind of battle you hope for. Highly recommend this scennario. grumblejones
Hickory Lickin'VASL's a funny game. My previous game was a scenario in which my 8-morale Russians couldn't pass any NMCs and fell like ninepins. Here though, my 6-morale Americans proved surprisingly resilient and repeatedly passed their MCs! This meant that I was able to press into the VC area early, and I was further helped by one German PzkwIV disabling its MA and the other falling to a bazooka shot. I thought I might have trouble with the final German stronghold in 46AA9, but by turn 5 I had this completely surrounded and it fell without my having to risk a CC. A fairly comfortable win for the Americans in the end, although I certainly had the better of the luck. Andy_Bagley
Tettau's AttackMF FtF wwillow
Guards AttackMF FtF wwillow
Sparrow ForceYet another AP16 scenario that appears to favor the defender. I had read the designer note somewhere that an upfront defense would fail, but I didn't buy into this at all and made entering for the Aussies as rough as possible. By the end of the turn there were 1.5 less squads running around and another 1.5 broken. My opponent sent part of his force straight up the gut from the north, part due east, and the other part flanking from the south. I think this is a wise plan, but I would've consolidated the bulk of my force due north, and he was perhaps a tad light in this area. The Aussies have some good leadership, and a fair share of their force is 8ML, so if they can survive the -1/-2 shots they can make hay quickly. Ultimately this scenario seems a bit too dicey, proven to the Aussie's detriment when a couple 458s and a 8-1 were encircled, broken, and eliminated for FTR on Turn 3. Had even one of these units survived it would've been difficult for me, as the southern flanking force had made exceptional progress due to me breaking both MGs over there and constant cowering. As it was their northern force was just too beat up to be a threat, and with Japanese reinforcements entering and a only a one-sided front to work with, they conceded. buser333
Rommel's RemedyTook out three vehicles in one CC phase to put the game out of reach. RJenulis
Aussie AlamoThe Aussies set up on the ridge line, and I could see no alternative strategy for the Japanese than to mass my forces for multiple banzai charges, which took place on turn 3. With better luck these might have got through, but the dice were against me and I lost two leaders killed (failed wound severity), with the result that many of my other units crumbled. Those that remained managed to take the ridge line, but Japanese casualties were far too heavy to make any further progress, so I had to concede. Is there another way for the Japanese to attack a ridge-line defence I wonder? Andy_Bagley
Overrun of the 26th ppalma
The Vital HoursFtF wwillow
Johnny 1 Danno
Johnny 1By Turn 3, my Germans were on the hill, but then the British ARTY just nailed me. So after 3 turns, with my boys getting whacked by ARTY, I gave the concession. The fire in the grain had gone full wildfire and there was smoke and flame everywhere. grumblejones
Empire's FallIn a game that took much longer than it should have (26 hrs. over two day), the Japanese were able to lock a British HS in CC on the last DR of the game for the forth point and the win. The Japanese had a hyper sniper and rained down OBA all but two turns. By contrast, the British only had one sniper and one OBA mission. The victory conditions seem designed to punish players who don't pay close attention to the VC. A couple of well timed snipers could end the game if the British don't garrison the victory areas with a little extra infantry. We played with the British balance. RJenulis
Across the Border Igor Luckyanov
Born AgainMy opponent and I basically played this one twice, with the same result each time, albeit one by a much more scenic route. Our fist game didn't even last a half turn. After a sneaky HMG shot eviscerated a big stack of Canadians, my opponent failed his PMC and threw in the towel. So we hit reboot and started from scratch. This one went the distance, and was very tight. Though tight does not always equate to fun, as this is strictly a body-block scenario from the German perspective, and these are some of my least favorite types. Wire, mines, the hill, and rubble, will naturally funnel the Canadians through a small opening. Man the forts, break, fall back, replace, and recycle was a common theme. The biggest advantage the Canadians have are their tanks, If they can manage to get even one behind the German lines I think they win. In our game we had a ton of rubble. 15 hexes to be exact, and the southern route was almost completely cut off. Wire and my Panzer held down the middle, while my gun patiently stood guard in the north. Not to mention the ever-present threat of PFs and CC reaction within the narrow confines of the village. Turn 1 saw a very cautious Canadian approach, and this probably made the difference in the end since they were about a turn short. My opponent was overly concerned about mines and did a lot of searching. It didn't help that he lost his HMG for good at the end of Turn 1. I made what could have been a terrible blunder Turn 3 by allowing him a gap in my southern line that allowed his reinforcements safe entry up into the hills. Had I not been so lax I think the game would've been over far before it was. As it was, with the help of some tunnels, I was able to recover and plug the holes. I lost my HMG for good on Turn 5, but fried the Stuart as it tried to swing around up top. Had it made it it would've been curtains for me. The rest of the game was monotonously like each of the turns prior, until I was able to ring the three required buildings I needed to hold with a wall of bodies. buser333
Baptism of Fire igycrctl
Across the Border (VASL Log) LastViking
Prelude to Festung Brest TigerAce
Strayer's Strays von Garvin
Sake at SunrisePlay test. Danno
Trap by MishapVery close and exciting game. I started well as the Russians and broke through the woods line between the two ponds, though failed to completely clear the Finns from the central woods area. Thereafter things turned against me, and my 8-morale squads repeatedly failed to pass NMCs against low-odds shots. By turn 5 I had only three unbroken squads, and although these (plus an AFV) could probably have exited, it left me one squad short of VC requirements, so I had to concede. A scenario I'd play again though. Andy_Bagley
Disaster on the Dnieper LoopWhat a wild game this was. The Russian Wings landed as follow: 33CC4, 33Z5, 18F5, 48FF3, 33Q2, & 18BB3. Despite crazy drifts and many squads deploying on landing, the Russias had a pretty condensed landing and were able to launch one very large attack against the eastern crossroads, and two moderate size attacks against the western. A failed MC by the Armored Car crew left a single pinned Russian HS out of reach in a victory hex for the Russian win. A very fun VASL scenario to play. RJenulis
Use Your Tanks and ShoveThe initial American assault was stymied when one tank was lost to Heat from the German Gun. The German defense would not break significantly slowing the American advance. With reinforcements, the American used his tanks to shove his way into the village and finally make progress. But the initial delay left the Americans with little time. In the final CCPh, the Americans could only CR a German MMC leaving the Americans one building hex shy of a victory. Heloanjin
The Grist MillThe NKPA's advance initially threatened to end the game early. But the Americans pulled together enough to wear the North Koreans enough to keep them from getting to the building. The Americans had trouble continually manning the .50 cal, so don't count on that if you're the defender. DatabaseDesignStar
Retaking ViervilleTeaching game. Brian played well. Got diced! TomAbromaitis
Pössl’s PosseRussians set up to attack the German left flank. An unfortunate set of pins/breaks let the Germans get chewed up too far forward, but they held long enough to let the reinforcements get into play. We were forced to call this with one turn left to go and the Russians having to gain 3 more buildings for the win against a fairly well positioned German defense. It would have definitely gone to the wire.

German players: don't fail your personal morale check early!
Village of the DamnedThe Russian won the day on the last turn. Two CC was the deciding factors. jacelm
Village of the Damned atomic
Insufficient ResolveA very nice scenario ! We were really entertained during the entire game. Initially, the German troops crossed the South half of the map unharmed. The HIP Russian troops with the commissar were wiped out and the ATR proved useless... In the second part of the game, the German were slow down and suffered slight losses. Their progression suddenly became more difficult. The last turn was epic and finally, the German player was short of 1 VP... A tremendous game until the end but resolution was barely enough to win... lechiquier94
ANZAC BoysPretty close game. The diligent use of the Banzai Charges and smoke almost game me a victory. I think it is only slightly pro German. slunts
Block Busting in Bokruisk Fiedler
One Puka PukaWell played offence by mr Glade and the german defence was too far in the back. The americans could just advance into the gully and get victory points from the leaders advancing forward and that forced the outnumbered germans to attack to get points. Then because of bad judgement, the germans (me) decided to ESB the only AFV which of course led to an immobilisation a short distance from the gully. Game over. DrDryg
Not So DisposedMal despliegue y mal plan. fui hacia los lados. En la derecha me eliminaron gran parte de mis fuerzas. En la izquierda tuve cierto éxito pero no tuve tiempo de regresar al otro lado del mapa. PezBailarin
Second Crack at Caumont ppalma
Long Day of Confusion Serge
CrossfireMy Americans got a bloody nose on Turn 1 as Dan's AT Gun took out two hull down moving Shermans. On Turn 2 it took out my last Sherman by spinning twice in a building and then intensive firing. My 10-2 broke on Turn 1 and with that I lost the game on the first two turns. To get 5 x the number of stone buildings as the current player turn seems impossible to me and then having to get them all...well that feels like a bridge too far if the Americans are injured early as in my case. grumblejones
Going CommandoAmericans double timed in the north and captured building S4 from the north after eliminating German units around building S4. An American squad advanced in the center and pinned down the German screen. British commandos advanced into the buildings southwest of buildings S4 and S6, shooting up Germans reinforcing building S4 from the south east. The Germans tried to wrest control of building S4 during turn 4, but were stopped by effective defensive first fire. BravoCo
Super BazookaAlthough two tanks were destroyed, it was only at the last turn as one other was already off and the second needed was about to go off the board for the NKPA win. So the other two were used to protect that last tank. DatabaseDesignStar
Super BazookaSkip and I switched side, with the NKPA player winning again. This was closer as the HIP squad took out a tank on the opening MPh. The NKPA tanks had lots of hits against concealed units to tighten it up. One more would be lost, but the US player had nothing left to stop the other two from getting off. The US player also made the error of firing one of the bazookas from a building. DatabaseDesignStar
Crossfire Danno
Long Day of ConfusionA short and tense game. The British troops smartly rushed to occupy the entry zone for the late German reinforcements. Meanwhile, they cleared the village of the meager German defensive units. In the last turn, I tried to reinstall a MMC in one of the keys buildings but the British fire was accurate enough to end each attempt. Congrats Serge ! lechiquier94
Commando SchenkeAlways a great fight. The German FT created two flames and one of the DCs rubbled a building. The fight lasted through turn 6 with little hope for victory. A good upfront defense and was able to get some of the squads back into the fortified location, but many were broken and failed to rally back. The German 10-2 ended up going heroic and winning the day in CC and throwing DCs around the victory building. dmareske
“Black Beach Rendez-Vous”The fireworks start early in this one. I suppose it could go the full six turns, but I honestly don't know how. This one seems way too dependent on the tanks, and the fact that I broke my AT gun on the first turn pushed my PMC to the absolute limit. Without both tanks I really don't see the Americans pulling this off. I was only able to eliminate one late in the game and I still eliminated Kyle Force by the end of Turn 4. They will be encircled from the get-go, and counting on much help from the reinforcements is a tall order, being how they only have a very narrow safe approach and the Japanese can just block the way with bodies. meanwhile Kyle Force should be bleeding at least a half squad every half turn with all the firepower they will be facing, and little available rout paths. Certainly not due to lack of action, but I really didn't care for this one too much. buser333
Trap by Mishap oybj
Sugar Cane Shuffle jwert02
West of the VireThe Americans pursued a cautious advance. They managed to eliminate 4 of the 4-4-7's , which were out front, but could not get close to the village as the German LMG's managed to break key American units including 10-2. So a solid win for the Germans. grumblejones
Mountain HuntersThe Russian player missed the VC hex in the Romanian setup area, so setup the defence incorrectly. Romanians won with Strongpoint and level two hexes, taken on the Romanian left side. mtrodgers99
Overrun dmareske
The Marketplace at WormhoudtI comprehensively lost the armoured battle in this scenario, losing all 4 German tanks while only managing to immobilise and stun one A10 (and the stun was due to on LMG shot). Despite this the turning point came in the British Prep Fire phase around turn 2 or 3 when I arrayed my 10-2 and two accompanying LMG armed 548s and a PzIV against the British firebase (9-2, two 458s, HMG/MMG) and the anti-tank gun. The British Prep Fire resulted in a K/4 which CR'ed a 548 and broke the leader and remaining squad. However the ATG missed the panzer on its first shot and then was disabled intensive firing. The return fire from the Panzer against the British stack resulted in 1 KIA which eliminated 1 squad and the HMG. The broken 9-2 and 458 never rallied and were eventually eliminated for failure to rout and the path to the multi-hex victory buildings was opened for the Germans. By turn 6 with most of the British infantry eliminated or captured and the bulk of the village (with the exception of the church) in German hands my opponent conceded. Rich Weiley
Block Busting in Bokruisk ppalma
Morgan's StandVASL wwillow
Hill 107The landing on the north side of the hill and the initial German assault went well. My 9-2 took a sniper bullet which exposed the flank. He captured the close AA gun and got the RCL into position, but couldn't touch the squad in the VC hex at the crest due to dust. My defense (with 1 squad+LMG turned loose in Turn 3) solidified at the south side of the level 3 hill and raked the Germans any time they risked moving forward. I was able to create a human wall to block access to the victory hex in the last turn. Continuation of our Kreta campaign. nebel
Early BattlesAggressively using the AFVs to freeze defensive fire, the Germans made steady advances up the center woods/marsh hexes. The Russians missed a few opportunities to fire the Gun or AFV, which could have shifted the center of gravity. But the German attacks were very successful. Near the end, a fortunate low odds roll against the Russian defenders followed by unfortunate MCs left a gaping whole in the defense. On the last turn, the Russian player had a remote chance to regain control of a building, but the Crew broke while attempting the move. Heloanjin
Frontiers and PioneersThe Germans overruned the Russian weak defenders. jacelm
Frontiers and PioneersTwo Russian tanks got recalled after repair attempts, one of the the KV. The T35 managed to score a CH with the 76 (HE) smacking a German tank while another German tank was taken out in a MOL attack. We botched the Russian setup by forgetting that all Russian squads are automatically concealed and the ?-counters can be used solely as dummies. Jacob conceded by T4. atomic
Horodenka Ambush Danno
Horodenka AmbushDan sprung the ambush and rolled an 11 on his LMG...which broke and didn't leave a fire lane. The Hungarians lost a squad and a truck, but exited their trucks and the battle commenced. The Commissar did a great job until he wounded and the Russians dominated the close combat scene. The Hungarians managed to flank and then break an entrenched 5-2-7 in the final victory location. On Turn 6, the Hungarians occupied the final victory location for the win. Fun scenario. grumblejones
Legio Patria NostraVery pro-French. High morale and excellent leadership are tough to stop. Uncle_Duke
Lenin's SonsFought a good delaying action but lost the open flank a turn too soon and ran out of troops to defend the last turn. Close match. nebel
ANZAC BoysA huge mistake again on my part, not reading the scenario card properly. Was very surprised when the ANZAC reinforcements came in from the north and then the germans took a few nasty hits and I was ready to concede but in that defaitistic spirit the germans stopped skulking and just fired in their own turn to awesome prevail. Killing and braking a third of the ANZAC force and completely knocking the wind out of the southern flankmaking a counter attack possible. In the north a banzai charge was conducted which looked pretty successful until the big ANZAC stack ran into a measly 4FP resid and broke. Fun little scenario! DrDryg
War of the RatsSolo Russian win. A barn burner every time. Great scenario. TomAbromaitis
OverrunMy SS were hit hard early and often. The Sherman Firefly would knock out 3 tanks before a Faust found him. By the end, all the Allied tanks were knocked out and one MKIV was left standing. My SS grenadiers were shredded but still made it into the village and fought some tough hand to hand battles, but the Canadians would hold out and win the game. 1st Face to face game in over two years. grumblejones
Crossing the Bloody Meadow ppalma
Monty's GambleBest laid plans...yadda yadda yadda. Entire force was going along the southern (lower) edges of the board. Attempted to push my infantry forward to screen the advance of my AFV's. Had to get at least two of them off the board to have even a chance of victory. For 2 turns, was doing well (I thought) until the T3 MPh and Stew's impeccably placed 6-pounders opened up on my moving StuGs and killed them all. Brit victory in two and half turns. I learned a lot...thanks for the game, Stew! Jplott94
Sink's Encouragement PezBailarin
The Sixth Blow Danno
The Sixth BlowThe rocket OBA devastated the Hungarians on turn 1 costing two squads and 6 stands or horses. The Hungarians broke both the MMG and the HMG and only 2 squads and the 7-0 managed to escape to the rear. The Russians dominated in the south and managed to to exit most of the cavalry for the win. grumblejones
The Liberation of Tulle Rindis
Lenin's Sons ppalma
Play BallMy Americans dug lots of foxholes but Ron was still able to pin/break them with his OBA. On turn 7, he made a major push and came close to capturing five buildings. Because neither side could reject Surrender, the stack of units in one CC battle for a VC building included 3.5 prisoner squads. Ron wasn't able to grab the fifth VC building and conceded figuring that he couldn't inflict enough CVP on my remaining units. etopp
Fighting Withdrawal rdewhurst
Baking BreadA really good scenario. The Russians fought valiantly but they were decimated by the HMG and the German 9-2 leader. The reinforcements were badly delayed by accurate German fire. In the end, the Russians led by the commissar charged across the street to take back one building hex. The issue of the game was decided in the CCPh of the last turn. lechiquier94
Lash Out jwert02
Smith & WestonSioux City ASL Tournament 2021. Post tourney game. Danno
WhiteoutThis scenario was a riot with a lot going on. Extremely fun and entertaining with a lot of replay value. SGT Mac
PanzergeistAfter months of playing with early war armor, wanting to push around some heavy tech, we turned to this short, straightforward take-the-hill scenario. As the Russians I planned on ceding the hill on my left, but set my Gun up to cover the pass between the two. We raced to the other hill--a natural target for both of us since it contains the bulk of the victory point hexes--and had a gruesome infantry battle in the woods there. The Germans successfully repulsed my infantry-led attack there, and set up with ideal overwatch to prevent an attempt re-take. I pivoted to the other hill, the one I planned on ceding, hoping to snag at least those VP hexes and pop a few German tanks along the way. Alas, I just couldn't mount enough of an offensive to dislodge him from either hill. I conceded on 5 after my final MPh.

Lots of fun to be had with the big tanks firing at each other, but I do wish the terrain allowed for the armor combat to happen at a distance. As it stands, there's no terrain high enough outside of the two central hills to fire from afar at anything other than crestlines. The mist LV SSR is cool and gives an interesting sense of time passing.
Hammer and NailA turn three Human Wave got the Russians into the Nail Factory but at a cost in counters. It looked good for the Germans until Mr. 9-2 directing the .50 Cal went win a ROF terror turning the game around. Two civilian interrogations and lots of sniper activity for the Russians, albeit most of the snippers targeted the German counterpart. RJenulis
The Amy HSioux City Tournament 2021. Round 1. Danno
Bring up the GunsSioux City Tournament 2021. Round 2. Danno
Pössl’s PosseSioux City Tournament 2021. Round 3. Danno
Point of the SwordThe British were able to advance pretty well even without the reinforcements. The Germans retreated well and the momentum shifted a few times. In the end the control of the second required building hinged on a close combat result that was greatly tipped in the British/Canadian favor when a sniper that had been inactive all game broke the sole German squad standing between the British and victory. It still went down to literally the last roll in CC. DatabaseDesignStar
Drive to Ioannina Serge
Drive to IoanninaA rather static scenario for the Greeks. They have to cover many pathways with scarce troops and SW. In addition, during our game, the two guns malfunctioned before turn 3... Even with 2 tankettes destroyed, the Italians had little problem to exit the required number of VP for a win. lechiquier94
Take The CrossroadsSioux City Tournament 2021. Pre-tourney game. Danno
First Contact, First Defeat ppalma
Defiance on Hill 30 manzoliandrea72
Revenges at Saint-JulienI had wanted to make a clear break with my entire force, but this is easily preventable by placing some Germans with MGs behind the Partisan lines - unless the Partisans want to risk giving up a few points by stocking the death trap R9 building. In retrospect I probably should've done this. So instead I played the shell game, cycling concealed units for ones that had shot or been stripped. At this point I was wondering how the Germans would ever get a chance to accumulate 15CVP, and after the first four turns they only had 1. But once they're able to situate some proper power in the middle and the Partisans run out of skulking options it really heats up. At this stage it would become purely a dicefest, one which I lost when I boxcarred a chance to wipe out the 8-1/squad/MMG. They were then able to extract themselves and blast my boys to kingdom come the next PFPh. A very unsatisfactory Game Over. buser333
The Katanas Come Out at NightJapanese win. Solo. Wild scenario with huge casualties. Very thematic as the Russians struggle to get enough illumination to slow Japanese HtH CC advance. TomAbromaitis
Carrier HillA tough one as the Italians, despite the best efforts of my tank killing crews who turned both Matilda's into blazing wrecks in CC. Morris concentrated his forces well, but let the carriers loose to cut rout paths and be a general nuisance. A great opponent. Richard Webb
Acts of DefianceThe dice were totally unbalanced and the Germans broke, died and failed ELR whenever they entered the LOS of a Russian. Breslau fell and the German commander retreated to his HQ to drown his sorrows in Scotch. oybj
Second Crack at CaumontThe Americans lost after hitting the CVP cap. Two Shermans were lost to the 88 and another to Street Fighting with additional help from ATMM. The German JgPz was recalled after rolling a 6 on a repair dr. The Germans set the DC with the help of the 9-2 and destroyed a 1 hex victory building enabling the Germans to focus their efforts to maintaining one building block only. Lots of fun!
Never On TimeVery interesting scenario, unfortunately Federico was not able to pass a single morale check, when he finally did (at the 12th try, he rolled a 3 and my sniper promptly killed his 10-2. My opponent failed his personal morale check. We are going to play again since it's really interesting. cosarara
Wettauk Chaung Danno
Wettauk ChaungTurns 1-3 were pretty much Japanese as my Chindits got mowed down or pinned on the bridge. But then I created hero and got one squad with the DC into the victory location and defeated the Japanese in close combat for the immediate and shocking win. grumblejones
Clearing Carentan10-2 leader got OBA'd! TomAbromaitis
Second Crack at Caumont jacelm
Engineering Defeat ChuckD

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107 Tettau's AttackWest of Arnhem, The Netherlands1944
108 Guards Attacknear Aalst, The Netherlands1944
ABTF 2 Graebner's FollyArnhem, The Netherlands1944
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