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Castello FatatoHad the Italians in this one. It was a quick game. Conceded at the end of Italian turn 2. At that stage I had 5 1/2 good order squads on the map with two good order leaders (I guess wounded 6+1s technically count as good order). CVP count was 13 to 2. This included losing 4CVP to one sniper attack. I might have made a better fist of this if my morale rolls had been better but VASL says I averaged 7.76 over 33 rolls. Meanwhile my opponent averaged 6.43 on the IFT.

For the record my human wave came down the Z to FF hexrows. My plan, such as it was, anticipated clearing the woods mass and buildings around CC5 and using that a a base for a two pronged attack on the victory building. Almost immediately discovered a HIP 628 in 28 AA1 which spray-fired and broke three of the 4 adjacent squads. I did manage to get into CC with this unit and eliminate it for no further loss, which was the sole highlight of the scenario for me. With a few other assorted breaks left the survivors of the initial human wave around the 2/3 hexrow on board 28. Soviet HMG was in V3 and had little impact (and in fact broke in Soviet turn 1 prep fire shooting at one of the ATGs). The second turn human wave was the icing on the cake, I launched this with six squads and a 6+1. By its conclusion there remained an unbroken halfsquad and wounded 6+1.

Nevertheless, I think this is a very evocative scenario particularly on VASL where the map appears suitably bleak and desolate, underlining the desperate circumstances these Italians found themselves in. I'd like to try it again (with better dice next time).
Rich Weiley
Circle the Wagons!Show me how the Ethiopians are supposed to win this. Absolutely ridiculous that this is a scenario released by MMP in 2022. Jobbo_Fett
Circle the Wagons!Show me how the Ethiopians are supposed to win this. Absolutely ridiculous that this is a scenario released by MMP in 2022. Jobbo_Fett
Flea CircusDid not go near the Italians for the first two movement phases but still found all three minefields. The close assaulted into the victory building. The last turn the snipe broke the units outside the building and my defensive fire broke the last Italians inside the building for the win. Fun scenario with increasing night rules. Always fun to play Dave. Danno
Flea Circus dmareske
All Down the LineBrits pushed strongly up the middle, got into multiple CC with ambush advantages but the dice just weren’t cooperating and lost 4 squads and a leader for zero return. One might say unlucky. After that the Brits were bottled up and unable to progress through to the board edge other than an insufficient 5VP Simonstan
Bedburg BiteSuspected the mines were up front so planned an enveloping attack from both sides into the village but foundered on an effective German defence. Called it when clear the Canadians would be unable to achieve the required VP Simonstan
ReactionGreat scenario, lots of blood, guts and street fighting. The French punched through the centre of my line, delayed only slightly by the wire I had placed there, and piled smoke (not all of it accurate) on my defences slightly further south. I felt I was losing for a long time, first when French units successfully crossed the main street despite the fire lane I'd placed there, and second when I failed to win close combats at 3:1 and 4:1 odds. The French pretty much wrapped up the northern buildings apart from the northernmost stone building, where both sides kept adding to a melee, but the Germans put up more resistance further south. In the end it came down to the last CC of the final turn, with the French needing a DR of 7 or less to end the melee and take that last northern building. They failed, so ended with just 15VP of the required 17. Couldn't have been closer. Andy_Bagley
Kampfgruppe 1001 NachtA fun scenario but really hard for the Russians even with the balance. Nine Russian AFV were destroyed and most of them by PF shots. The VC were unreachable at the end of the last German turn. Thanks to James for sharing his knowledge of ASL with me ! lechiquier94
Crossing Swords at KyaukseJaps got a bloody nose Turn 1, losing a squad and a precious leader. I tried a hard western push, but the restrictiveness of the terrain proved this may not have been the optimal option. When my other SMC on that front wounded early my lack of leadership was definitely felt. The eastern force should be relatively contained by any competent Gurkha setup, but I did end up getting off 3VP from these units. The tanks were a much-needed bolster to the defense. A lot will depend on how they fare, but ultimately it's just going to come down to who rolls best at the end. When I lost concealment for an attempted ambush withdrawal through a tank hex, and a board edge HS pinned, I ended up 1VP short. buser333
Sabres CrossedThis week my regular VASL opponent, Eric, and I finished up AP182 Sabres Crossed from the new Action Pack 17. Many of the scenarios in that pack intrigued me because of the setting (Korea) and the fact that there is a higher proportion of scenarios with combined arms than in the core FW module (which I liked as well). That being said, I took the North Koreans because of the victory condition challenge of taking the three 81mm mortars AND defending the two bridges. Lots of MMCs on each side with cool toys for the Americans. Eric spread out his defense across the width of the ridge and I set up kill stacks for Turn 1 Prep Fire on a few exposed adjacent units - which was somewhat effective. My downfall came in two waves: 1) Never, ever, use the 9-0 political officer to lead an assault uphill towards the emplaced MTR in a foxhole. Just don't do this. His absence was critical later in the game when I had broken units scattered all other the place looking for adult guidance to rally and get back in the fight. 2) Be sure to read the last sentence of C9.2 and the middle sentence of A9.8 (e.g., not everything is as it seems when looking at the US setup)...this was a brilliant move on Eric's part. You've got to deal with the mortars quickly before the US reinforcements come on, and then you have a chance as the North Koreans. I just ran out of bodies and time and then the wave of reinforcements was cleared in hot to the bridge areas. Seeing that unfold I conceded in turn 5. This is a really fun scenario and I'm anxious to try the others in the pack. pensatl1962
Cutting Off the TailA scenario that either forces the defender to be far too spread out, or one that allows the KMT player to sneak through the defensive line and win quickly. I don't know how I would balance this aside from making the building control necessary with the VP requirement, maybe making the BLDG control a secret option between two locations. Defender's dice were poor at the worst of times, and breaks were more frequent for the CCP than the KMT.

It is strange to suddenly get 5-3-7s everywhere, and it can be a shock to the Reds if you've been playing this scenario pack from start to (almost) finish.
Retaking ViervilleAmericans hit pretty hard right at the beginning. Then, the Germans folded once an entire stack was broken and eliminated due to FTR. cindel76
In Sight of the VolgaAn old fashioned 10 turn meat grinder scenario set in the hell of Stalingrad. My Germans made steady, but not remarkable progress against the Russian defenders. I used Meunch with the HMG on level 2 to keep the Russians' heads down but he was unable to make much of an impact. Most of my force was concentrated in the south and I managed to get within striking distance of the factory by turn 9. Managed to lock the last Russian defenders in melee on German turn 10. No reinforcements meant Rob had to win both CC in his turn to win. Germans won both and sealed the victory. A very enjoyable game to play as the German. Lots of choices to make. Would like to play as the Russian as well. Nicho11
No DunkirkNorth Koreans should try to cross the bridge with 3 stacks turn 1. Do that and you win. So turn 1 is all about denying Americans firing positions on that level -1 foot bridge. Could be won other ways but not likely since holding town or crossing fords is a lot tougher. nekengren
By OurselvesAfter several German devastating killing die rolls (several K/KIA, Sniper killed 9-2 leader) Norwegian lost too much force to continue the push. MoriQuessir
Failure to CommunicateI slowed down the attacking germans, the mines immobilized one tank and destroyed another, a CH from an ATR bagged a third and a forth was killed by a 25LL.
Federico rolle 3 boxcars on rally and gave me more points. I won for CVP cap on the sixth turn.
Difficult defence and difficult attack to mount.
Going Commando mcgallons
Last Hope at New FlowerI conceded after turn 7 - too few, too far, two Lancias. I seemed unable to pass a MC without ELR and could not get my forces arranged to start a human wave. By turn 7 the Italians had filled the capital building and there was no way the Ethiopians would get in. Pte Parts
Too Little, Too LightLast scenario in the campaign. Captured the village and got nearly to the edge of the level 3 hill on 3 sides under the cover of darkness. The dawn brought the arrival of the tanks which were quickly decimated by the Stukas. Despite this the Kiwi's had plenty of time to take all 3 VC. nebel
Up the Liri ValleyA good infantry only scenario with choices for both sides to make with each attacking and defending at times. I attacked with the German reinforcements too cautiously and thus fell short of the required VP. Simonstan
Kreta - Operation Merkur Campaign GamePlayed through the scenarios - very simple record keeping to capture this as a campaign game. Enjoyable all the way through. nebel
Last Hope at New FlowerOne of the better Nagus scenarios. Ethiopians overrun the road crew is trivial. By turn 4 all forces are swarming on the victory building. Going to be pretty tough for the Ethiopians which is basically 4 turns remaining to succeed. nekengren
Tiger WoodsThe Russians got a CH on one of the Tigers and another one bogged trying to get around the flank. The Russians withdrew, kept concealment and out of lines of fire for the most part. The Germans ran out of time to take the required buildings. dmareske
Oktyabr's HubertusA win is a win, but what a terrible waste of cardboard lives. Stalingrad. The original meat grinder. 7-0 duval
It CrescendoThe rain offered some sort of cover to the French Tunisians who advanced in the open and the brush towards the well defended Belvedere hill. However, it prevents any smoke placement for the OBA. Progress was difficult for the attackers. With a sudden and brief respite of the weather, the German HMG wrecked havoc among the French troops with 3 squads broken never to return again. Harassing OBA fire fell on the hill without much effect and the the French lost battery access permanently. The French tried again to push forward up the hill under heavy rain. But MG fire was still accurate and the Elite French broke again. At the end of turn 6, the French conceded.
A quite illustrative and interesting scenario of the numerous hill assault conducted by Free French in Italy. The rain is both an ally and a foe to both players. The scenario probably favours the defender and more significantly when the French player has too many bad dice rolls and lost OBA access too soon.
NKVD NutVery close game, came down to the last turn. Gamer72
It CrescendoAn interesting challenge for this scenario but as my partner says without OBA and with a mean for MC higher than 8, it's not really easy for the Free French... Thanks to Olivier for the funny time we shared on VASL ! lechiquier94
Wildcat StrikeVery interesting game. Definitely a very interesting scenario to cut my teeth with. I am happy to say that I did give Tom a decent fight. I was not going to go down too easily. But mid-game, I lost my steam and his units sneaking back through a tunnel to an American held building won the day as they destroyed my units in hand to hand. After that, I had nothing left so conceded the game at turn 5. cindel76
The Wells of BorgutEritrean spread out and try to run across all the open ground to take Trenches before the timer runs out. Setup defense for Ethiopian and nothing else to do except shoot. At least you will figure out those Hillock rules. Winner could go either way it seems. nekengren
Across the Wire Danno
Across the WireAs the Italians, I moved my trucks off the board as quickly as possible. My tanks were in the center of the formation along with the truck towing the 65 ARTY. I got the gun into action and it would take out three armored cars in the course of the battle. Dan would get some kills and finish the game and get some victory points, but not 6 more than the Italians had inflicted in CVP. So an Italian victory. grumblejones
Keber ZabaniaOne of the better Nagus scenarios. Ethiopians have to really move to make their exit objective but they have a hoard. Some OBA, hills, and terrain make this interesting for setup and playability. Definitely Italian/Eritrean favored. Don't forget to use all the Eritrean/Ethiopian Nationality distinctions. nekengren
Groff's GriefHard street fighting scenario. The US mortars went on an early rate tear with Willy Pete and pushed back the first line of resistance. Hard fighting until the end of Turn 4, when the North Koreans conceded after two melee losses. grumblejones
The Tractor WorksGermans entered the factory from the East early, and managed to hold for a couple of turns. Accurate Russian fire pushed them out after a few turns with heavy losses. Not able to mount another offensive effectively. GrumpyGamer
Milling AboutA good scenario the if the British go first it is a little harder on the Japanese.
With all the cover the Japanese can Banzai with out having to worry about a lot of -2 shots. The British have to be careful as they try to slow the Japanese as if they leave someone in the LOS of a group of Japanese that are towards the exit edge they are going to get Banzai. and the other Japanese are going to go straight for the board edge
Insufficient ResolveThe Germans advanced methodically on both Russian flanks. On Turn 2, the German armor was surprised as they encountered both Russian ATRs. However, the Russians failed to gain hits or kills, despite 1 hex range shots. The Russians eventually gained one kill with an ATR, but both MMCs were broken, one CRed, and the Commissar was pinned leaving stuck behind in the RtPh. The Germans continued the advance, passing a poorly placed Russian AT gun. Once revealed, the AT gun often kept rate, but could not garner much effect beyond an eventual kill on another AFV until it was finally overwhelmed by the German attackers. The Russian BT, also poorly positioned, was shocked, and then recovered, only to be destroyed by two German AFVs which had maneuvered cutting off the Russian withdrawal path across the road into the village. The Russians were able to withdraw a few of their remaining Good Order squads across the road and positioned themselves to cover the open ground facing the Germans. The Russian KV set up to cover the side road and in LOS and CA of the Pz IIIH, but was nevery able to get a hit. Getting increasingly desperate, the Russian KV malfed the MA using IF and then suffered recall while trying to repair the MA. In the end, the Russians lost almost their entire force while the Germans suffered no infantry casualties. Using two AFVs, the Germans made a final push freezing a MMC with MMG in one building and another MMC in a second building which allowed the bulk of the German infantry to safely cross the road into the center of the village. With only one Good Order MMC remaining, the Russians conceded at the end of Turn 5. Heloanjin
Totsugeki! Serge
Totsugeki!A very nice and furious scenario. Around 75 to 80% of the initial OB of both sides disappeared during the game... At the end, it was really closed but the Japanese lost too many troops in the three first turns and were unable to fulfill the VC. lechiquier94
Came Tumbling AfterUsed Hungarian balance. Conscript Huns never even made onto Level 3 hexes ... gave up on Turn 5 with all units in broken state. Kydder
One-Eyed JacquesCASLO 2022 - Harassing fire took out 3 German vehicles, while the other 3 all malfed their MA's. Too hard a slog for the Germans after that. aiabx
Commando SchenkeThe Germans sure do have lots of toys in this one. However they seem to need all of them to take the building in the end.

The Germans forced their way through the town to the fortified building as the Russians did their best to delay them. The Germans were able to kill/capture most of the Russian forces that defended the town preventing them from getting back into the fortified building.

Once the Germans were able to get into the fortified building the fight was epic, with the Germans slowly forcing Russians back into a corner of the building on the last turn. With some lucky breaks they were able to pin the Russians down, breach their final location with a DC, and finish them off in CC on the last turn.
Came Tumbling After 7-0 duval
Never On TimeBest game for 2022 so far. Was behind the eight ball at the end of German turn 5 when the Germans took both the stone VP buildings to give them a 15 to 5 VP lead. However a counter attack led by the 10-2 with three squads and an heroic (although wounded 8-1) was very effective in reclaiming both buildings and inflicting heavy casualties on the Germans (it helped that my average IFT roll in our final session was 5.5). Also managed to retake the G10 wooden building with a 1-2 HtH after ambushing the pinned German squad. Armoured battle didn't go so well. It cost me 4VP (three tanks KO'ed and one recalled) and only KO'ed one PzIV in return on a very low odds PIAT shot. Still when the dust had settled at the end of the game I manged to pull off a win by 13 points to 10. Excellent scenario, would play again as either side. Taurus was Pursuant! Rich Weiley
CrossfireThe American attack was foreshadowed on the first roll with boxcars on a TH for WP from on of his mortars. After the boxcars, the remaining first turn progressed well with the American west force advancing up the German center attempting to drive a wedge dividing the German force. This was aided by skillfully maneuvering a MMG where it could lay down a Fire Lane down open ground on Board 10. The American force on the east set themselves up to cover the remaining open ground effectively pinning in place most of the German force on Board 10. The Americans in the center lined themselves up behind a stone wall when the Germans revealed a 81mm mortar and 75L AT gun in the brush right in front of them. Def Fire had not effect, but neither did Adv Fire. On the German turn, the mortar could only break one American MMC before being eliminated by rolling boxcars on an IF. The AT gun was able to wreck one American AFV on an IF shot from the AT gun. The rest of the German turn was spent skulking or trying to find a way to shift forces from Board 10 to reinforce the center, with moderate success. Miraculously, the German AT gun crew survived successive mortar, AFV, and infantry attacks from both Def Fire and Prep Fire. On the American turn, the Americans were forced to take increasingly desperate moves to neutralize the German gun. The result was a battlefield full of pinned or broken American units and all the Germans in good order, despite repeated use of FPF and IF. With so many buildings to capture and so little time, the Americans conceded. Heloanjin
Groff's Grief Danno
Graveyard ShiftUsed German balance. American infantry took out AT Gun, no AFV losses in spite of multiple PF checks that incredibly failed. Kydder
Able at CesaroUsed American balance. OBA caught groups of Americans in woods early on with crushing effect. Americans pushed on to capture 3 hill hexes & two Italian MMGs. I will admit at this point Americans got diced with 2+1 IFT shots that never failed ... Italians retook all hill hexes and American willpower faded. Kydder
Mauled at MerdorpCASLO 2022 - almost conceded as my infantry attack was decimated but the game flipped when the tanks showed up and the French defence collapsed aiabx
Born AgainCASLO 2022 - not a good game for FTF play, counter density was unmanageable. Probably better on VASL, as the scenario itself seemed fun. aiabx
Tiger WoodsGermans pushed hard on their right flank and got lucky on some THs with their Tigers. The Russian AFVs did not get off a successful hit, but for the first two turns where keeping the German infantry either broken or pinned, thus they were making slow progress. After the last AFV went down to the Tigers there was not anything to stop the Tigers from cutting lines of retreat and forcing the Russians to fight; eventually all the Russians broke and they had to take one building back. dmareske
Graveyard Shift 7-0 duval
Able at Cesaro 7-0 duval
The Wells of BorgutIt seemed everything malfunctioned during this game (except for the FT but it was only in range for the last 2 turns). By turn 5, Terik Bey and his specials were dead but not much else then things heated up: One Oerlikon malfed, so the other took out both Fiats (burned one, the crew survived the other) and almost one Lancia in a single ROF tear. That Lancia then disabled its MG and withdrew. However, the same turn the Eritreans overrran the line of trenches with the MMG. On turn 6 a broken 6+1 went berserk with a squad, rushed the main AA trench line and the deadly 9-1 and his 2 squads and won the CC! (eventually and with some outside fire by the FT into the melee which broke the 9-1). This demoralised the Ethiopians who began breaking to 1+1 shots (AA crew died with CR). Final score Eritreans 34 CVP, 10 trenches. Ethiopians 15 CVP. Pte Parts
It's a BattlefieldPlaytest Rich Weiley
Showdown in Syria Danno
Showdown in SyriaTough game. Dan's Indians were initially very strong and inflicted some good hits on my Vichy. But after Turn 5, the Vichy armor cut off rout paths and the DM'd Indians began to fall. The victory location was surrounded and on Turn 8, the two tanks get a critical hit to eliminate the final squad to hit the 16 CVP and win the game for the Vichy. grumblejones
Erstwhile AlliesInteresting scenario, but tough one for the Americans I reckon. To say that US 2nd line squads with an ELR of 2 are brittle would be an understatement! That said, my opponent played a very sound defence with the Vichy French, avoiding the higher American firepower with plenty of skulking, and falling back at just the right pace. I managed to keep my vehicles intact and might still have had an outside chance until a CC where the odds were in my favour went against me, leaving me virtually nothing left. I gave up at the end of Turn 5. Andy_Bagley
Fresh GristVery different style of attack needed by the Japanese. Losing a tank and a bunch of squads in CC gave the Chinese 6 extra squads over the course of the game which was just too much for the attacker to handle.

As featured on IR67 (VASL Log)
Try at TrentlehofCASLO 2022 aiabx
Trap by MishapCASLO 2022 - my worst game ever - got steamrolled and couldn't by a dice roll under 9 aiabx
Circle the Wagons!Numerous lowly Ethiopians setup OG and mostly out of range of the Italian column. The only Ethiopian positive is that the 2 HIP can take something down before the Ethiopians try to approach the column to get any kind of shot. Can't see how Italians can lose this one. nekengren
The Bend in the RoadWith german balance Serge
The Battle For RomeCalled turn 7, as Germans had sustained too many losses to be able to reach the required exit VP. Those darn snipers! GrumpyGamer
Insufficient ResolvePlaying S84 this month with Mark as the Russians and Jon as the Germans. In a classic barn-burner of a match that saw the fortunes of war wax and wane for both sides (including taking out a KV-1 with a DC!) the Russians prevented the invaders from completing the victory conditions. Easily one of the better SK scenarios I've played! Great win, Mark!
(VASL Log)
Insufficient Resolve Thompsonmg(MGT)
Clash at BorisovkaKen and I switched sides and played again. Having learned a little from my failed effort with the Russians, Ken tried to move rapidly and avoid getting into a slugfest. Halfway through turn two it looked like he was going to pull it off: I had one PzIV wrecked, one immobile, and another under UK. Add to that his almost impossible shot that immobilized one of my Tigers., and the German tank force was almost kaput. On my side of the leger, I had knocked out only one T-34.
However, in my half of turn two, I was able to knock out three more T-34s, followed by two more in his half of turn three. By that point, he had exited three T-34s, and knocked out two of my PZIVs, while I had knocked out six T-34s. That left him with one functioning T-34 still on the board that would have needed to kill at least one tank and survive to exit the board. Chances: slim to none.
I wish I could say it was my superior tank maneuvers that was the key to victory, but actually my deadliest tank was the Tiger that got immobilized on turn two: it went onto singlehandedly destroy four tanks on its own. Behold the power of the Big Cat!
Though the armor rules are certainly involved (read: complicated), they do an excellent job of giving a fairly accurate representation of WW2 armor combat.
Fun scenario. Highly recommend any new player NOT to skip this one.
No Dunkirkan interesting scenario due to the victory conditions and the unusual terrain (light woods, river, fords and a foot bridge). Americans have to capture the villages without losing a tank, and interdict the North Korean escape across the river. North Koreans have to balance the rearguard and the escape units.

Quite replayable
The Rag Tag CircusNot a great scenario in my opinion. The Germans have very limited options and very little ground to work with. The Americans can literally run all over the Germans with their trucks and Dan did exactly that and placed trucks all around my AT Gun...which couldn't set up HIP. WHY? Then Dan removed the 50 CAL from the Jeep...which he didn't need and it knocked me around like a dude at a mule kicking contest. I rolled poorly and even a 12 on a Panzerfaust effect. So it was a total butt whipping on me. I gave my best until completely wiped out at the end of American 4. Seriously...not sure what else to say. A very difficult scenario for the Germans...especially if you roll as badly as I did. grumblejones
Kurhaus ClashThe Germans attacked the American left flank in force. Effective smoke from the AFVs provided cover for the advance which made good initial progress. The Americans neutralized the German overwatch HMG by using WP from the OBA. The German assault bogged down trying to close a SMC and two American MMCs with MMG and HMG holding out in a stone building. The Germans pressed forward. The Americans, cornered, advanced into close combat and eliminated the German 9-2 SMC and a full squad. Dejected, the Germans foolishly moved an AFV adjacent to a BAZ which easily wrecked the AFV. On the American right, a small concealed German force hobbled the American units while the German sniper eliminated an American SMC. The Americans were whittled down piecemeal. Each side made gains and sustained losses, but in the final turns, the Germans were able to move a substantial force into the center building for double VPs while also breaking American units attempting to counter attack. With the math against him, the Americans conceded on Turn 7. Heloanjin
The Golden MountainEthiopians have enough mobs to take the hill unless dice were to go terribly badly. Even with zero gun results I managed to amoeba up the hill. The Italian hilltop Sanger MMG held out to the end and could not be taken until close combat. nekengren
Pillbox PainsSSR2 is a severe handicap for the Japanese defense, limiting and wasting a lot of good potential traps. Being that the Japanese have very few antitank resources this could quite possibly be a game breaker, as the Japanese probably have to take out a minimum of two tanks to stand any chance whatsoever. My opponent's approach through the east was my least defended area, and he was mercilessly able to exploit it. The Japanese cannot adjust their defense too much until the American Turn 3 reinforcements enter either, so they are in a bit of a pickle. The only reason I didn't concede early was the fact my sniper took out both eastern American leaders, though it was obvious to me it was just a matter of time before American muscle overpowered me. The slow, methodical approach of the attackers dragged this painful process on until the middle of Turn 6, when I finally threw in the towel with the minimum two required buildings looking to be taken. Having played this once I could certainly improve upon my defense, but ultimately it will just come down to how many American tanks are eliminated, and is really just a crap shoot. buser333
Blazin' ChariotsJim had some bad luck when he malf-ed the MA of the Pz IIIH containing his 9-1 armor leader. My British Honeys took advantage and knocked out all the Pz IIIH and Pz IIIG by turn 3 etopp
Triumph Atop TaraldsvikfjellJason's Allied squads kept failing their MC etopp
A Bloody HarvestWent down to functionally the last roll of the German DFPh, as the MMG managed to keep ROF, and, firing down from the First Floor of one of the village buildings, broke the last Polish forces in their trenches in the village centre. It was generally a tale of steady German advance, managing to take a number of prisoners and generally get the better of 50/50 results, but staved off by a strong Polish position near the objective. The Polish still nearly pulled it off, though, as one DM unit in the village HOBbed on the final RPh - only to go Berzerk! owenedwards
By Ourselves von Garvin
The Rag Tag Circus Danno
Zon with the WindMy Americans tried to force their way into the dried out gully...seeking a clean end around to the 88's. Tripping up in an Ambush, Cpl Stew refuses to yield and pays the ultimate price. Turn 1 Disaster, no leadership no momentum and the 88's haven't even awoken.

Turn 2 sees the necessity to send Leadership and reinforcements to the Gully GI's...While the Big Boy 9-2 has to go it alone into the Teeth of the Wermacht. Smoke nades being tossed around like Hot Potatoes! Blurring every approach...Good progress made albeit with no German casualties, but progress none the less....

BOOM...BOOM 88's have awakened... Bring them Bazookas up NOW!!
Units berzerking under the pressure, Paratroopers getting shredded in the streets YET we manage to take out an 88 crew (well, his 12 MC helped a little)
Poised for the ULTIMATE plan of attack...The Germans, inspired by the heroes of the Gully Ambush ALL RALLY and take up defensive positions to repulse the YANKS from ever leaving the village....

Seeing themselves being flanked...Americans have lost the will to fight... MC's just not holding up after numerous empty smoke nades tossed into the deadly roadway leading to some hard awaited R&R... The Fury of MG fire ends the last push of the Paratroopers as they approached the victory exit... (VASL Log)
Zon with the WindThe German force seemed brittle in this one, so the plan was to conduct a fighting withdrawal with the emphasis on withdrawal. The Germans were able to capitalize on a good shot on the first turn eliminating an American squad along with the Americans 8-1 leader.

The Germans were then able to pull back each turn, trading space for time. Trying to delay the Americans and hoping that the Americans would not get close and tear them up in the AFPh.

The Germans held up quite well until near the end when they malfunctioned one of the 88's, and the American fire just became too much too handle. But then on their last turn, seemingly out of nowhere, they were able to repair the gun and rally nearly all of their forces, even managing to roll snake eyes on a self rally attempt, creating an additional leader to assist with holding back the Americans as they made their final push to get off the map.

The Germans, now a formidable force, with their newly found courage proved to be too much for the Americans in the end as every shot seemed to hit home on the last turn breaking the Americans as they tried to get off the map to the bridge.

Thanks Stew for the great game.
Triumph Atop TaraldsvikfjellThe attack started well for the French with the breaking of a forward German squad. Went downhill from there with the French being unable to withstand any MC's. Repeated attacks were beaten back by the HMG entrenched on the hilltop. The French/Norwegian troops gradually gained a foothold but were unable to clear the hill in the time allocated. Well played to Eric. Nicho11
The Last RoadblockMy Germans failed to do anything on Turn 1 - no rate on the Mortar and only a couple breaks achieved. The French would lose their positions on Hill S7. The French Sniper would do a lot of damage to the Germans as did my dice, which hurt me badly. Then the French OBA landed right on my last force on Hill 740 and that was it and a French win. grumblejones
Our Place in the SunSolo playtest.
IMHO, a good Ethiopian defense should be able to hold the western hills. Don't even try to hold the eastern hill.
Most IFT won't happen until assaulting Italians cross a board and get in range.
Lots of feeble firepower on both sides.
Criniti's EscapeSolo playtest.
The Italians have to cross 2 boards of ratty Ethiopians and exit most of what they started with.
The Ethiopians should setup scattered in Hammada and collapse on the Italian column crossing.
The Italians can protect some with armored assault and hold the loaded trucks behind till a path gets cleared or simply just walk across.
IMHO Just a fair number of good shots should break enough Italians to win the game.
Gavin Take igycrctl
Second Thoughts Serge
Second ThoughtsA very nice scenario. It was tense until the very last turn. In the beginning, Germans were severely challenged and the M8 HMC was recalled the turn after entering... At the end, the Americans were not in position to take back all the victory buildings and therefore they rushed their AFV toward the exit but German PF were unmerciful.. lechiquier94
The Bitwoded GambleSolo Playtest.
Run through the open desert to claim the 2 Sangers. No subtlety here between 2 large groups of weak infantry.
The better die rolls wins.
Five-Oh-SinkWas a fair close game even considering I Malf'ed my first 88 on its second shot
My last crew succumbed to a DC explosion on the Last American Advanced fire phase.
The Black Ravens are FlyingFestung Budapest ASL Tournament atomic
The Final StandDan went with an in my face upfront defense in U11. I rolled poorly enough that the 9-2 and 4-5-8 with the MMG won the game on Turn 4 after destroying both of my armored cars and KIA'ing a squad and a half in CC. We played until the end and the Germans cleared the road in the final CC, but the game was already won by the Belgian 4-5-8. A single squad won the game for Dan. grumblejones
The Golden MountainItalians took the early lead, plastering every Ethiopian squad they could see, breaking some 5 squads on the first mph/dfph. The Artillery piece got one shot before the crew broke. Turns 2 and 3 were looking better for the Ethiopians, using the terrain and reinforcements to get the Italians to reshuffle their line, on top of breaking a squad or two. Gary had incredibly hot dice, nearly a half-dozen snake eyes, with an extra dozen 3's and 4's. By Italian Turn 3, the MMG on the hill decided to just casually break everyone (3 stacks - 2 leaders and 6 squads) while just about everyone else was broken, dead, or dying.

Making ALL Italians and Eritreans Fanatic is pretty dumb when it gives the Italians a 10-1 / 10-2, and we both felt it should apply to MMC only.
The Golden Mountain Italians took the early lead, plastering every Ethiopian squad they could see, breaking some 5 squads on the first mph/dfph. The Artillery piece got one shot before the crew broke. Turns 2 and 3 were looking better for the Ethiopians, using the terrain and reinforcements to get the Italians to reshuffle their line, on top of breaking a squad or two. Gary had incredibly hot dice, nearly a half-dozen snake eyes, with an extra dozen 3's and 4's. By Italian Turn 3, the MMG on the hill decided to just casually break everyone (3 stacks - 2 leaders and 6 squads) while just about everyone else was broken, dead, or dying.

Making ALL Italians and Eritreans Fanatic is pretty dumb when it gives the Italians a 10-1 / 10-2, and we both felt it should apply to MMC only.
War Drums Italians took the early lead, plastering every Ethiopian squad they could see, breaking some 5 squads on the first mph/dfph. The Artillery piece got one shot before the crew broke. Turns 2 and 3 were looking better for the Ethiopians, using the terrain and reinforcements to get the Italians to reshuffle their line, on top of breaking a squad or two. Gary had incredibly hot dice, nearly a half-dozen snake eyes, with an extra dozen 3's and 4's. By Italian Turn 3, the MMG on the hill decided to just casually break everyone (3 stacks - 2 leaders and 6 squads) while just about everyone else was broken, dead, or dying.

Making ALL Italians and Eritreans Fanatic is pretty dumb when it gives the Italians a 10-1 / 10-2, and we both felt it should apply to MMC only.
Failure to CommunicateVery good scenario. The Germans juuuuuust eeked out a victory by securing their 5th multi-hex building on the final CC roll of the game. I think this scenario can be a tough one for the Germans if they don't leverage the smoke dischargers in their AFVs (all 5 of them have them), and the Mild Breeze blowing from the NE. I was able to place drifting smoke all over the boards every movement phase covering the German approaches. So always check the scenario wind rule, make the wind rolls, and pop smoke every chance you get. Even then the Germans barely won in a tense game with lots of wild things happening (including double boxcars in a close combat). Neal Ulen
The Last Roadblock Danno
Defiance on Hill 30A fun scenario where both sides get a chance to attack. The Americans were unlucky in this one, malfunctioning their mortar on the first turn. The Germans start out with quite a powerful force and were able to push up the middle into the buildings and flank the Americans to the south taking up positions on hill 621.

The American reinforcements had a tough time trying to get back into the buildings as the German force with all of their MG's were able to interdict them from the hilltop. Seems tough on the Americans if the Germans can get up onto the hilltop(s). (VASL Log)
The Shooting GalleryFestung Budapest ASL Tournament atomic
Return of the Black CompanyFestung Budapest ASL Tournament atomic
Crossing the Bloody MeadowAll I can say is this one was crazy. We both had extreme dice, and rolled each other's sniper multiple times. Between that and some hot Russian shooting I was down to two crews and 3.5 squads in the factory after Turn 1, only one of whom retained concealment. Two German were also generated, one in the factory and one outside. After Russian Turn 2 things were even more grim, with me being knocked down to one crew and 1.5 squads. I was almost ready to throw in the towel, but thought I'd at least play through the end of my turn. I had decided to rout some units outside, and this turned out to be a great choice when a full squad rallied in the barely defended south. A sleaze freeze and some atrocious Russian shooting during my moves freed up the one remaining full squad in the factory to make a break for the east. Meanwhile my reinforcements were safely pouring towards the factory due to yet more atrocious Russian shooting to help hold or retake it. This also freed up my southern self-rallied squad to make a break up the middle toward the east, and my opponent felt there'd be no way to stop both of them and conceded. Only afterwards did I realize my troops should not have been able to CX due to the 2/8 date. This one would be very difficult for the Axis with this in effect. buser333
Sternebeck's SortieA well-balanced scenario. Our game came down to the last turn, with the Germans defeating my defending Americans in two CCs, winning him the game. I malf'd the MA of both my M10s doing essential intensive fire shots and later got one recalled while both my BAZ teams were out of action. I managed to hang on only due to some hot dice. Setup restrictions and the location of victory hexes compel the defender to split his force into thirds. Against that setup, the German need only defeat the Americans in detail before the clock runs out. Although they don't seem impressive, the German halftracks gave Stephen some good mobility to get behind the American line and force elimination due to failure to route. I didn't have all that much fun as the defender, as I watched my guys get chopped up while waiting for the clock to run out. A better approach for the American might be to use the first turn to run back to the last set of buildings and make that your redoubt. With sufficient forces the German won't be able to get behind you and you'll have a decent field of fire. Overall a nicely done scenario but I didn't really have all that much fun playing it. Agoldin

Latest News

March Madness 2022: Grumble Jones - now available for download
Thanks to the Kansas City Wargamers/Encircled productions the March Madness 2022 scenario pack is now available for digital purchase and download, for $15. Copies can be downloaded from the March Madness 2022 publication page and when purchased will appear on your 'My Page' and emailed to you also.
Article and Publication reviews are working again
I hadn't realised, but adding articles or publication reviews had been broken since the site upgrade. Thanks to Olivier who let me know, these have now been fixed. Review away!
March Madness 2021 Three Player pack available!
The great chaps over at the Kansas City ASL club have made their 3 player scenario pack available for sale.

The pack features 6 scenarios, with Germans, Partisans, Russians, Belgians, Italians and Americans in the mix.

The pack is available for $15, from the publication page.
Twitch Stream coming up!
On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!
Patreon recognition
As a little thank you to patrons and regular donors to the site, the archive will now begin to recognise patrons by adding a small checkmark next to their names on various panels.

I'm sure there are plenty of places where it would be useful that I haven't got around to yet (currently it's on the contributions table and the top rated players) - so if there's somewhere where you think it would be useful, just get in touch.

Thanks again for all your support!

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