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American DevilWow, what a unexpectedly great scenario. Lots going on in this one, even though it's not too big. It was back and forth battle the entire game, with the Japanese driving hard across the top board while sending a remote platoon through the jungle to the south. The American's held tough, doling out a lot of punishment along the way while steadily losing VPs to the Rising Sun. Late in the game the only surviving Japanese tank got a side shot on my Sherman that found itself trapped by infantry and DCs. Opponent rolled a 3 TH, then 3 TK to end on two great back to back rolls for 6 VPs to put him over the top. Otherwise it was going to go down to the wire and could have gone either way. Thradar
42nd StreetWell placed smoke and the German's poor performance in melee proved the Axis' undoing.

Nice quick playing scenario with an interesting (although somewhat over-powered) SSR about berserk status.
The Only Safe PlaceA snake eyes festival for both sides. The Canadian progress was steady using some smoke cover but a LMG posted at the 2nd level of Casa Berardi began to slow the process. Meanwhile, the German mortar revealed and shocked then eliminated a Sherman. The British armor leader was torn to ashes within his vehicle by a precise panzerfaust hit just after eliminating a panzer IV. The offboard observer miscalculated and the 120mm OBA fell down among some German defenders. Despite eliminating the German mortar with a CH, the few remaining Canadian troops were in no capacity to take the Cider crossroad. A major victory for the Germans. lt_steiner
Ratushniak's Sacrifice ppalma
The Cactus FarmVery interesting game. Andy decided on an all Northerly attack - he took out one of the AT guns very quickly but then got a bit bogged down. By T6 the Brits only had one building location and the Germans still had 14VP worth on the hill so called it there. Very intersting scenario tho. von_meyer

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Ok - finally, we're here!

There's still plenty of work to do in order to get the scenario page looking decent, but it's a start!

I've tested most of the code but there are certainly going to be minor issues as there's so much that I've not been able to thoroughly test, so if you do spot any issues, please drop me a note via the contact form.


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Hi all,

So - it's been too long since the site's had an update, so work is beginning on a full revamp of the whole scenario archive! It's a big job and it will take me a few months, but it's something I enjoy doing and the feedback I get across the world from users and those who do so much work to keep the site updated means I know it will be worth it in the long run.

I'm not asking for anything, subscriptions, etc - there are a couple of paypal donators who make a small monthly contribution to the hosting costs and I'm grateful to those guys. If you would like to help, can I suggest taking a look at the Brave browser rewards, which reward content creators with tokens that you can receive for free. My referral link, for those who would like to benefit from this is and I'd also encourage you to look at the Brave browser, which is a streamlined browser designed to strip out adverts and tracking cookies. It's lightning quick, too. If just a couple of you sign up this will pay for a month or so of hosting and if you're not 'into' the cryto side of the internet, this is a nice introduction.

I'm targetting the end of the year for the new site's launch. I need to have a think about how we categorise scenarios that are slightly updated in new packs or reprints of the same scenario in others. If you have any ideas, drop me a note through the contact form or email and I'll take a look.

Until then - roll low!

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Codeword: Laxativehoxson1 Uploaded the Board imageYesterday
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A Fighting Withdrawalhoxson1 Uploaded an ImageYesterday
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Surprise at Cap de Fedalahoxson1 Uploaded the Board imageYesterday
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The Cactus Farmvon_meyer Added a playingYesterday
Tank Farmshoxson1 Uploaded an ImageYesterday
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Taking It To The Streethoxson1 Uploaded an ImageYesterday
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City Menhoxson1 Uploaded an ImageYesterday
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Red Barricadeshoxson1 Uploaded an ImageYesterday
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Clearing CollevilleThorljotsson Added a playingYesterday
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