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Before the Blunder ppalma
Contest in the Clouds jwert02
Kazina Klash Serge
Kazina KlashThe Germans tried to capture the buildings and they failed. Poles were helped by their devastating MTR and many malfunctioned MA on the German side. Instead, the Germans should go for the Polish tanks since I didn't specifically chased them and only one was not wrecked before the last turn. Overall, a good scenario. lechiquier94
Gut PunchVASL - ASL Open jrwusmc

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Liberating LoznicaSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Corridor To ExtinctionSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
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In Sight of the Volgawwillow Added a playingYesterday
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Backstabwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Point To Makewwillow Added a playingYesterday
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No Mercy in Burcywwillow Added a playingYesterday
The Fast, the Slow and the Doomedwwillow Added a playingYesterday
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SU To The Slaughterwwillow Added a playingYesterday
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On the Road Againwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Rocket's Red Glarewwillow Added a playingYesterday
Shklov's Labors Lostwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Panzer Graveyardwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Dying for Danzigwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Everything Is Lostwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Ugly Faceswwillow Added a playingYesterday
Silence that Gunwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Messervy's Menwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Road Killwwillow Added a playingYesterday
The Clogwwillow Added a playingYesterday
The Day Afterwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Krauts in the Holeswwillow Added a playingYesterday
The Commissar's Housewwillow Added a playingYesterday
Swallowed Wholewwillow Added a playingYesterday
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The Gifuwwillow Added a playingYesterday
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Stampede at Hill 253.5wwillow Added a playingYesterday
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Best One Out of Threewwillow Added a playingYesterday
Doorway To Norwaywwillow Added a playingYesterday
Dying of Thirstwwillow Added a playingYesterday
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Sunrise SurpriseWhiskers1123 is not looking to play this any moreYesterday
Sunrise SurpriseWhiskers1123 is looking to play this scenarioYesterday
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Probing the Mabatang Linewwillow Added a playingYesterday
Afternoon Tea...NTwwillow Added a playingYesterday
Mauledwwillow Added a playingYesterday
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Taking the Left TitRindis Added a playing2 days ago
GeneralRindis updated collection2 days ago
Steel Infernomtrodgers99 Added a playing2 days ago
Makin Takenhoxson1 Modified the misc. rules2 days ago
Not A Man AfraidEaglewso Updated the Scenario ID2 days ago
Spring and SummerEaglewso Updated the Scenario ID2 days ago
Policies, Logistics, and PrideEaglewso Updated the Scenario ID2 days ago
No Japanese Within 100 MilesEaglewso Updated the Scenario ID2 days ago
Dutch TrucksEaglewso Updated the Scenario ID2 days ago
A Less Peaceful ChristmasEaglewso Updated the Scenario ID2 days ago
Göring's MenEaglewso Updated the Scenario ID2 days ago
They Always ReturnedEaglewso Updated the Scenario ID2 days ago
Iron FistEaglewso Updated the Scenario ID2 days ago
GeneralEaglewso updated collection2 days ago
Makin Takenhoxson1 Uploaded the Board image3 days ago
Platamon CastleDanno Added a playing3 days ago
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Rebels Without A Pauseppalma Added a playing3 days ago
Tenkitten-RiegelTomkrny Added a playing3 days ago
Getting Your Bell Runghoxson1 Modified the misc. rules3 days ago
The Road to Junivillehoxson1 Modified the Defender's AFVs3 days ago
The Road to Junivillehoxson1 Modified the unit counts3 days ago
The Road to Junivillehoxson1 Modified the Defender's AFVs3 days ago
The Road to Junivillehoxson1 Modified the misc. rules3 days ago
The Road to Junivillehoxson1 Uploaded the Board image3 days ago
The Road to Junivillehoxson1 Modified the overview3 days ago
GeneralPaul Legg updated collection3 days ago
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Heroes at Leroshoxson1 Modified the misc. rules3 days ago
Heroes at Leroshoxson1 Modified the unit counts3 days ago
Heroes at Leroshoxson1 Modified the Attacker's Guns3 days ago
Shopino Strugglehoxson1 Modified the misc. rules3 days ago
Guts Are Not Enoughhoxson1 Uploaded the Board image3 days ago
Price of Persiahoxson1 Uploaded an Image3 days ago

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65 Red Star, Red Sun8 miles southwest of Nomonhan, Manchukuo1939
113 Liberating BessarabiaBranzeni, Bessarabia1941
D7 With Flame and ShellCherkasskoye, USSR1943

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