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Gavin Take ETO (id:#56518)
Avalon Hill (Classic ASL ID:T 1)
Prior Publication: AH: The General 24-2 ASL T1(Revision: MMP Website (Download))
See Also: Gavin Take by Avalon Hill Historical Gavin Take by Critical Hit Gavin Take by Multi-Man Publishing Gavin Take by Multi-Man Publishing
Designer: Joe Suchar & John Mishcon
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
One of the responsibilities of the Airborne troops was the seizure of several key bridges following the D-Day drop. One of these bridges was at Chef-du-Pont. Gavin organized a pickup force to take care of this bridge himself. With elements of the 507th split into two groups, he marched on Chef-du-Pont by closely parallel but different routes.
Attacker: American (507th Parachute Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division)
Defender: German (Grenadier Regiment 1057, 91st Air Landing Division)  
Turns: 6     Players: 3     OBA: None     Night: No
Chef-du-Pont, France 1944-06-06
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:10.0 D:7.0
AFVs: A:0 D:0
Guns: A:0 D:0
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: Hex 3M2 is rubbled at ground level, Boresighting is NA
Map Board(s): 3
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
AAR (view)Count_Zero2012-05-02 15:08:06
Latest Updates:
iperboreano Rated the scenario2019-09-29 03:45:14
iperboreano Added a playing2019-09-29 03:44:57
Louye Added a playing2019-09-28 21:45:51
Louye Rated the scenario2019-09-28 21:44:36
RJenulis Added a playing2019-09-03 00:31:38
Last Played:
2019-09-29(D) Ulric Schwela vs Steve Bond German winA tense and fast playing scenario, we played 3.5 turns in an hour and it was all over for the American with 2.5 squads and an 8-0 remaining. Our game was skewed by the dice however, as the Germans rolled an average 6.2 vs American 7.6, including hot dice that vapourised the 10-3 and 10-2 whenever they risked moving with FFNAM. Worth replaying to see how differently it could pan out.
2019-09-28(D) LOUIS PADOL vs Steve Desrosiers American win
2019-09-28(D) LOUIS PADOL vs Steve Desrosiers American win
2019-06-07(A) davide galloni vs Raffaele American win
2019-06-07(D) Marco Pasquini vs Ricchetti Nicholas German win
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MMP download web page containing Classic ASL scenarios (opens in new window)Jim Rupp
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(AAR - Scenario T1 - Gavin Take.pdf)After Action Reportgweiloh224
Starting VASL setup (ASL Classic T1 - Gavin Take.vsav)VASL SetupBrederic666
(T1 Gavin Take Scenario Archive VASL v6.0.1.vsav)VASL Setupvon Marwitz629
Updated VASL Map (T01 Gavin Take.jpg)ImageFre207411022
(T1 Gavin Take.png)Imagevon Marwitz1065
(T1 art kibler.png)Imagehoxson1326
FINAL POSITION (25530778_1921523134542167_1431823796_o.jpg)Map Imagetjrez283

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Updated VASL Map
Avg Rating: 6.57Votes: 155
Views: 88971
To-Play list count: 7
Estimated Play time: 2.3 hours
Recorded Games: 106
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ROAR Data:
Gavin Take [Confirmed]
[A] American 220
[D] German 216
Tuesday 22 October 2019 03:40:15 PM  (c)dramsey 2019