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Downsizing the Uprising ETO (id:#56083)
Multi-Man Publishing (ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion ID:118)
See Also: Downsizing The Uprising by Multi-Man Publishing
Designer: Brian Martuzas
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
Slovakian / PartisanGerman
The Slovakian uprising had begun to unravel in the face of strong German counterattacks. Key to establishing a defensive line was control of the neighboring towns of Vrutky and Klacany, which remained in German hands despite repeated attacks. Augmented with several ex-German tanks and assistance from partisans, the Slovakians made one more attempt. . .
Attacker: Slovakian / Partisan (1st Infantry Regiment, 1st Defensive District (VOO-1)/Partisan Group First Lt. Velicko)
Defender: German (1st Company, 373 Volkstrum Bataillon/82nd Reserve Panzer-Grenadiers)  
Turns: 9     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Outskirts of Vrutky, Slovakia 1944-09-09
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:32.0 D:20.0
AFVs: A:3
PzKpfw IVH x 1
StuG IIIG x 1
LT vz 38(t)A x 1

Guns: A:0
5cm leGrW 36 x 2
76.2 PaK 36(r) x 1
5cm PaK 38 x 1
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: GLRR parallels a road. A: Partisan may not Deploy or form multi-loc Firegroups
Map Board(s): 41 42 46 50
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
buser333 Added a playing2019-11-07 19:36:55
buser333 is not looking to play this any more2019-09-23 08:09:17
hoxson1 Uploaded an Image2018-12-14 17:00:18
hoxson1 Modified the location2018-01-15 14:10:15
hoxson1 Modified the misc. rules2018-01-15 14:07:43
Last Played:
2019-11-07(A) Jeff B vs Andreas Reimer Slovakian / Partisan winSlovaks decided to swing around from the north, with only a token force threatening the easternmost building. They met up with their Partisan comrades on Turn 2 to make a combined surge south. The large wooded hill and small wooded hill on Board 50 acted like a mountain pass however, creating a costly bottleneck of fighting for a solid two turns. Meanwhile in the east the last Slovak attackers were dispatched. The walled compound would be their next obstacle, taking another two turn to completely clear. The westernmost building would also fall that turn. The Germans made a strong push to try and reclaim this, and that threat wasn't completely neutralized until the last turn of the game. With the help of smoke and tanks, the infantry made a push across the last wooded hill toward the final two victory buildings. Thanks to a lucky bounding fire shot, the German HMG squad guarding this area broke, freeing up a strong move on the southernmost building. By this time there were just too many Allied troops, overwhelming the Germans holding out in the last two buildings. But, just like Guards Counterattack can often come to, it took the bottom half of the last turn for the Allies to root out the last of the Germans. Great scenario!
2014-04-11(D) Gordon Jupp vs Derek Cox Slovakian / Partisan winInteresting scenario, Derek did a great job in dismantling my defence!
2010-10-28(A) Paul Jones vs Derek Cox German winInteresting scenario but attack faltered very early on
2006-04-19(A) Fred Ingram vs Dave McLee German win
2006-04-18(D) Fred Ingram vs Dave McLee German win
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(german AT gun road.png)Imagehoxson1294
(asl118.gif)Map ImageTwirling480
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Avg Rating: 6.00Votes: 5
Views: 3056
To-Play list count: 1
Estimated Play time: 12.3 hours
Recorded Games: 5
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Slovakian / Partisan2

ROAR Data:
Downsizing the Uprising [Confirmed]
[A] Partisan/Slovak 10
[D] German 10
Monday 11 November 2019 07:32:00 PM  (c)dramsey 2019