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Scenarios: 8316
Users: 2736
Play-list Scenarios: 4183
AARs: 121
Articles: 620
Other files: 21463
Ratings: 23478
Module Reviews: 26
Games Logged: 18675
Scenario Lists: 83
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Errata: 941
Map Previews: 6242
Roar games logged: 109530
Total Pubs Owned: 97294
Avg Pubs Owned: 138

Most Played Scenarios:

Most Played Scenarios
Retaking Vierville185
War of the Rats133
The Guards Counterattack122
Fighting Withdrawal120
Gavin Take109
Commando Schenke78
Simple Equation74
Going To Church69
Clearing Colleville64
A Bloody Harvest62
88s at Zon61
Defiance on Hill 3061
Clash at Borisovka60
The Puma Prowls56
Welcome Back55
3rd RTR in the Rain50
The Meat Grinder49
Silence that Gun49
Ambitious Assault48
Released from the East46
Kempf at Melikhovo45
Mila 1844
Paper Army43
The Czerniakow Bridgehead43
Le Manoir43
Zon with the Wind43
Priority Target42
Under the Noel Trees42
Shklov's Labors Lost42
The Commissar's House42
Lenin's Sons42
Baking Bread41
Urban Guerillas41
Hammer to the Teeth41
Over Open Sights38
Le Hérisson38
Red Packets37
A Long Way To Go36
By Ourselves36
Monty's Gamble35
Sherman Marches West35
The Tractor Works35
A Real Barn Burner35
Bidermann's Escape33
Rocket's Red Glare32
Among the Ruins32
Rage Against the Machine32
Friday the 13th32
Confusion Reigns31
Purple Heart Lane31
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