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An Uncommon Occurrence rangercote
Grab and GoProbably a very nice scenario and as a german I thought that this would be damn near impossible with all those 8 ML russians with the right to deploy but with unreasonable luck on nearly all shots, I broke most russians and on turn 3 I killed the 9-1 and 9-2 with lucky shots and there wasn´t much sense in playing on. In our game much of the joy was taken from us by the dice. DrDryg
Amerikanskaya SukaThis game degenerated into a gritty slugfest for the 71N5 building. A steadfast German 8-1/447 and MMG singlehandedly denied the Soviets the building for several turns until finally ejected. Should have been an easy win for the Soviets from there but execrable rally rolls (five 12s) reduced their infantry component to the point that the Germans had a considerable numerical advantage and were able to push back into the building in overwhelming strength in their final turn. Needing to win two CC's at 3-1 with -1 leadership, the first was achieved easily but an '11' on the second attack gave the Soviets an unlikely victory. Rich Weiley
Over Open SightsGot a lucky mortar shot early to slow the advance. West side of board is getting close to firing aries04
Blitzkrieg!The Germans needed 20 VP and that's exactly what they earned on the final turn. My French armour was quite robust and I was able to eliminate a number of German tanks. Unfortunately for me, his persistence was enough to destroy enough French tanks to secure the win.
Highlight of the game? Scenario designer Peter Struijf came over to watch Mark and me play a turn or two. What a class act!
von Garvin

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As a little thank you to patrons and regular donors to the site, the archive will now begin to recognise patrons by adding a small checkmark next to their names on various panels.

I'm sure there are plenty of places where it would be useful that I haven't got around to yet (currently it's on the contributions table and the top rated players) - so if there's somewhere where you think it would be useful, just get in touch.

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Searching for specific scenarios
You can now search for scenarios that feature two particular maps. Want to know the only 2 scenarios that are played on boards 6 and 42? The advanced search can now tell you!
Scenario of the Month is back!
Stay tuned for episode 32 of IR for more details (or maybe Stew will explain more via one of his channels) - but the SotM is back and there's a friendly competition to go along with it.

Log your plays in the SotM (either the full ASL one or the SK scenario option) and you'll appear with a W/L record for all the SotMs during that "season".

Not only that - but I've also added the option to include your VASL log file directly onto the "Record a Playing" option on each scenario page, which is then linked to your playing so others can see the game, if you're happy to share the game.
More packs :)
The Kansas City guys have dug up some very old, very out-of-print packs for everyone who'd like to get their hands on them!

Head over to the Hollis Partisans, Texel, Partisan or the Irregular Forces Pack pages for more details.

They're $15 each, and as always, delivered to your inbox and available on your 'My Page', once purchased.
More Scenario Packs available!
Thanks to your response and the support of the Kansas City Wargamers/Encircled Productions, the Scenario Archive now has 3 additional packs available for download.

You can find the Commissar Pack, the Close Combat Pack and the Players' Pack all on their respective publication page, and all for $15 - delivered straight to your inbox!

These are some of the highest rated scenario packs - as voted by players who have played the scenarios in both tournament and casual play.

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Determination, Resolve and GrenadesHutch Modified the Attacker's GunsYesterday
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Determination, Resolve and GrenadesHutch Modified the unit countsYesterday

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