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Welcome BackGermans were able to overwhelm the American positions. Even so, the Americans and their 10-2 were able to put some hurt on the Germans. Was able to exit enough VPs for the win. dmareske
Sugar Cane Shuffle Simonstan
Balkan SideshowDice were against the Hungarians. 3 cavalry squads drowned crossing the river, the sniper took out all 3 L3 tankettes (stun/recall) and the 8-1 leader. One Csaba was burnt by MMG, other Csaba KOd first turn by AT. One truck was destroyed by MMG after unhooking gun, then crew broken at long range. Other gun didn't last long enough to unhook. All 3 Toldis broke armament, FT out on first shot, MMG and LMG malf. Pte Parts
Strayer's Strays krutkowski
Hubba Hubba One More Time residood

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Welcome to the new look and feel
Ok - finally, we're here!

There's still plenty of work to do in order to get the scenario page looking decent, but it's a start!

I've tested most of the code but there are certainly going to be minor issues as there's so much that I've not been able to thoroughly test, so if you do spot any issues, please drop me a note via the contact form.



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Welcome Backdmareske Added a playing50m 35s ago
Hell or High Watermtrodgers99 Added a playing4h 22s ago
When I Call RollIndy Lagu Added a playing5h 30m 46s ago
Balkan SideshowPte Parts Added a playing6h 24m 49s ago
Balkan SideshowPte Parts Rated the scenario6h 32m 16s ago
Per L'Onore Di Romalechiquier94 Added a playing7h 35m 41s ago
PanzergeistSimonstan Added a playing9h 30m 12s ago
Delaying ActionSimonstan Added a playing9h 30m 38s ago
Maximum AggressionSimonstan Added a playing9h 32m 47s ago
Yes Sir!Simonstan Added a playing9h 33m 22s ago
Helluva Patrol LeaderSimonstan Added a playing9h 34m 5s ago
The Head of the MaceSimonstan Added a playing9h 34m 37s ago
Used and AbusedSimonstan Added a playing9h 35m 7s ago
Cornered BeastsSimonstan Added a playing9h 35m 40s ago
Among the DeadSimonstan Added a playing9h 36m 10s ago
Hart AttackSimonstan Added a playing9h 37m 9s ago
Hart AttackSimonstan Added a playing9h 38m 34s ago
First Crack at Hellzapoppin' RidgeSimonstan Added a playing9h 39m 10s ago
Kazina KlashSimonstan Added a playing9h 39m 38s ago
The Police StationSimonstan Added a playing9h 40m 26s ago
Iron GreetingSimonstan Added a playing9h 41m 4s ago
Commando SchenkeSimonstan Added a playing9h 41m 49s ago
Costly BaptismSimonstan Added a playing9h 43m ago
Death on the Eismeer StrasseSimonstan Added a playing9h 43m 33s ago
Food FightSimonstan Added a playing9h 44m 11s ago
Dryga LärpengarSimonstan Added a playing9h 44m 37s ago
The Road to WarsawSimonstan Added a playing9h 45m 12s ago
Before the BlunderSimonstan Added a playing9h 45m 47s ago
Sugar Cane ShuffleSimonstan Added a playing9h 46m 30s ago
The SpearheadSimonstan Added a playing9h 46m 57s ago
Stop, Turn, FightSimonstan Added a playing9h 47m 34s ago
A Polish RequiemSimonstan Added a playing9h 48m 31s ago
The Winter CitySimonstan Added a playing9h 49m 6s ago
The Road to WarsawSimonstan Added a playing9h 49m 56s ago
Mook PointSimonstan Added a playing9h 50m 35s ago
Morgan's StandSimonstan Added a playing9h 51m 47s ago
Among the RuinsSimonstan Added a playing9h 52m 20s ago
Non-Stop GurkhasSimonstan Added a playing9h 52m 49s ago
Melee Near the CoastSimonstan Added a playing9h 54m 29s ago
Kettenkrad BlitzSimonstan Added a playing9h 55m 12s ago
Sealing Their FateSimonstan Added a playing9h 56m 12s ago
Show of ForceSimonstan Added a playing9h 56m 41s ago
Mile Peg 61Simonstan Added a playing9h 57m 11s ago
Ratushniak's SacrificeSimonstan Added a playing9h 57m 45s ago
Saint-Georgesaiabx Added a playing15h 26m 17s ago
Encounter at Cornimontppalma Added a playing18h 14m 23s ago
Hetzer Butchervon Marwitz Uploaded the Board image21h 24m 14s ago
L'Armee du Bout du Mondehoxson1 Uploaded the Board imageYesterday
Fortune Favours The Boldbuser333 Added a playingYesterday
Operation BlackwaterAmselfass Added a playingYesterday
Ciao Gurkha Ciao!Simonstan Added a playingYesterday
Choiseul FewSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Eviction NoticeSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Quiet DesperationSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Tough EnoughSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Father SunshineSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Mühlenkamp's MiracleSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Twilight of the ReichSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Better Fields Of FireSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Frontiers and PioneersSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
It Isn’t OverSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Start Fall GelbSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Poteau PartySimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Wildcat StrikeSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Retrained and RearmedSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Liberation DaySimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Red ComradesSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Fiery FinaleSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Clearing CollevilleHeloanjin Added a playingYesterday
A Hotly Contested CrossroadsSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Slamming of the DoorSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Under the Noel TreesSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Playing UnoSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Spoiled AfternoonSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Vines of Red MarinesSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Commandos Eat QuicheSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Mai PhuSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Coconut KSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Duropa PlantationSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Ninth TanksSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Lagus Assault GunsSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Easy Day at VolupaiSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Setting the StageSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
DenoumentSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
First CristotSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Morire in BellezaSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
GeneralChuckD updated collectionYesterday
Urban GuerillasSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
The Abbeville BridgeheadSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Bukit ChanduSimonstan Added a playingYesterday
Hubba Hubba One More Timeresidood Added a playingYesterday
Generalhoxson1 updated collectionYesterday
Strayer's Strayskrutkowski Added a playingYesterday
The Liberatorsbuser333 Added a playingYesterday
The Borders are Burningjwert02 Added a playingYesterday
The Borders are Burningjwert02 Added a playingYesterday
Just a Drive Along the Beachbuser333 Added a playingYesterday
The Guards Counterattackbuser333 Added a playingYesterday
The Bulgemcgallons Added a playingYesterday
Task Force Smithhoxson1 Modified the unit countsYesterday

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