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Monty's GambleA very well placed defense. The German northern arm was quickly reduced to a HS and wreck of the StuG. The main German force pushed up to the orchard road in the middle of town, but was thwarted when trying to cross. After a delay to rally most of the squads, the Germans were able to make it to the base of the two hills. Again the push stalled, but victory was still possible, if not likely. A dash to the exit failed when the first StuG was smoked by the last AT gun. (VASL Log) Eaglewso
Nameless HillTough one on the Marines trying to fight the Japanese and climb a hill. Dennis did a two prong attack coming from the west and reinforcing the east. Two early CCs went the way of the Marines, but then the Japanese were exchanging 1/2 squads for full squads of Marines. By Turn 4 the Marines had 4 squads killed and 2.5 broken and not enough to take both the huts and the path. dmareske
Crucifix HillLeader losses hampered my attack and the Rangers got bogged down trying to reduce one bunker. Lost control of two of the victory buildings on the last German turn and didn't have sufficient forces to take them back. Rich Weiley
Trial of the Infantry VASL jrwusmc
The GatewayUnder cover of smoke I made a hard push from the south on the outskirts of town. A HS sentry out front in the church was fried to a crisp by my FT tank, but a flame started as well. This could well prove to be problematic to my attack. It was not without significant cost however, as one of my tanks was knocked out by street fighting and another immobilized in a fairly useless position. It was able to make itself useful for one more round by dropping some additional smoke before running out. An American squad turned berserk and would be mowed down by my kill stack. Meanwhile I just used brute force to continue pushing the defense backwards. An American squad in the west had a chance to slow me down for a necessary turn or two, but bungled its CC attempt and was dispatched with alacrity. After just three turns the Americans took enough beating and threw in the towel. The flame in the building never did blaze up. The PBs are simply silly hood ornaments that should have no bearing on the game buser333
Zon with the WindThe 88s got few hits and when they did few kills. Allowing the Americans to push the Germans back and kill half their troops by turn six. Then 8 VP ran the resid gauntlet for the exit. Including a wounded 6+1 leader created by a self rally HS. Very close match with Paul. Great fun. Danno
ANZAC BoysLike almost all small, short scenarios this one can be decided by a few bad die rolls from which you can never recover. I suspect there's a good/balanced scenario here, but I never got the chance to find out. My ANZAC got no traction and only managed to capture 2 buildings because I couldn't pass a MC to save my life, and the game isn't long enough to ever recover. It's over very quickly. Threw in the towel on turn 3. Thradar
Zon with the WindDan's Americans attached heavily on the west and were generally able to withstand my 2-2 and 4-2 shots, and one 88mm hit I obtained. I broke a few units, but only killed a HS. I was able to slow him done in the mid-game. He was able to get a hero(!) and a HS into melee with one of my gun crews and tied it up for most of the game. My other gun was in one of the exit hexes and was able o get a few kills on Turn 5. On my Turn 5, I also set up two squads and one leader to interdict the exit hexes, forcing Dan to run through a substantial amount of FP. Which he did. I shot up quite a few Americans, but he made just enough MCs and 1MCs to get 8 VC on the board. Good job by Dan, and totally fun! worksp2018
Gavin TakeMy Americans came in hard and fast around both flanks. Dan managed to entrench in the Q10 hex with his 9-1, a 4-6-7 and LMG. I managed to break them on Turn 5 and then on Turn 6, I was able to exit for the win. grumblejones
Elephants Unleashed jacelm
Gavin Take Danno
Back in ForceEnjoyed this one down to last turn. Had a couple of key shots with poor rolls letting the attack get into position for final CCs. A bit too aggressive with my AC's and needed them in the last turn. ASLOpen 2021 nebel
Aiding the Local Constabulary (3 player)From Jim Aikens report:
And at Fen Yan's suggestion, he, Ric Hammond and I teamed up for "Aiding the Local Constabulary", one of only a couple official 3-player scenarios.

This scenario shows the Italians significantly disadvantaged in the 3-player version. So much so, we decided to forego the regular balance (add a Hero), and bumped the Italian reinforcement group by a full elite squad. The dice gave me the Italians, Ric the Mutineers and Fen the South Africans. I've played this one a couple of times, and thought it was a hoot. This playing did not disappoint. The revised balance seemed to do the trick: our game was razor close from beginning to end. On the final player turn, all three sides were within 1 VP. In the end, my Italians pulled out a win, but it took rolling snakes, and ace-duce on my last two CC's in the final player turn to pull it out. This game really could have gone to any of us, depending on a single change to any number of dice rolls. My dice were red hot for the first 3 turns, particularly in CC; I won all eight CC's I went into during the game, mostly at 1-1 or 1-2 odds.

We all had a good time with this one. Just give the Italians our enhanced balanced, and it will be a great game for all.
Ric of The LBC
Ripples on the PondBoth guns were discovered quickly. One crew was destroyed almost immediately, the second gun malfunctioned after Intensive Fire, which decided the fate of the game, as all of the tanks were still intact. MoriQuessir
Strayer's Strays Danno
Strayer's StraysI sent a schwerpunkt of Paras through the grain and managed to break the 3 German squads covering the area. I rolled 3 12's in two turns and killed a full squad of my men with 12's on MC's. My hero manned the MMG and held the Y road by himself against the German counterattacks. I exited 12 VP on Turn 3 for the win. grumblejones
Schreiber's SuccessThe Germans couldn't make progress against the first line of defense. By turn 5 the Russians had only lost the Grant/Lee and 1.5 squads. The Germans had lost about half their infantry and only had one AFV with its MA functioning.The Germans had not taken any buildings in the Russian setup area and the only German unit to enter board DW-4b was eliminated. RJenulis
Beacon of HopeJim and i are playing through the Swedish Volunteers pack.
So, far with such short scenarios and limited forces a short run of good or bad dice can have a huge impact. You just don't have the time or forces to accommodate. This one is tough on the Germans from the start since they have significantly fewer forces and the allies have excellent defensive territory.
My first turn went to plan as o pushed up the road exposing the LMG and breaking it in advancing fire getting one HS DM'd in the process.
Bottom of the turn saw the Pz 1 malf on the first shot attempt (it would disable 2 tries later to fix it).
Shooting went completely cold for both of us. I don't think i have ever had a game with fewer IFT results.
I had only 4 shots that even resulted in a roll for Jim.
His luck really wasn't much better but getting quite a few PIN results slowing my push.
My AC also malfed on its first shot attempt and disabled on the 1st repair attempt.
So the AFV's proved of very limited value. I put the AC in the road to at least make the reinforcements go around it and tried to tie up some of the reinforcements in CC with the hunk of steel that was my Pz1 but they were eliminated on the first try.
Despite all of this i did manage to get 2 units across the river in my turn 4. In the allied phase they were hit with an NMC in the advancing fire on a 2 +2 and promptly rolled 10 and 11. This pretty much finished the game.
I really think the Germans need some luck in this one. I felt pretty good getting the units over the line at all.
By Dawn's Early LightA quick short 4 Turn scenario in which a dr decides whether the Germans or Americans move first. This might make it a bit dicey. Overall, though, the outcomes seem to be quite even with close to 30 wins for each side (as of April 2021).

I played the defending Americans in this one and our playing came down to the last CC roll. A full AAR can be reviewed at GameSquad forum under the follwing link:
von Marwitz
Return of the Black CompanyScott and I have been using SA to randomly determine scenarios to play. As FB is probably my favorite HASL I was not disappointed when this was selected. Scott had never played FB, but we were pretty fresh off a larger RB scenario so there was nothing too much new to learn here. The random rubble generation and variable OB for both sides would make this interesting from the get-go. Scott started out my blasting to smithereens a large chunk of Budapest. You would think all the high rolls needed for this would have left his system, but they plagued him throughout the game, especially in the latter half. With Ammo Shortage Level 4 that was not pretty. At one point I think he was rolling 50% 11s and 12s. Meanwhile I had 4-5 KIAs throughout the game. Surprisingly I think he still had fun. I opted for VC1 and the 18CVP. I figured I had enough muscle to just bull my way through his force and not have to worry about taking and protecting anything. The three T-34s were a no-brainer for me as, even if he took the 76L gun, he would still have very little chance of hurting them. He did surprise me out the gate having a FT right up front. Unfortunately for him his dice started out cold and it was one-and-done. He had one of the Panzers parked in the VC hex to force me to come at him, which I did on Turn 1 - turning him into burning scrap metal. Turn 2 saw me experimentally convert one of the "1" SANs to HOB one of my units. When a 4-5-8 went berzerk and eventually charged to his death I was very hesitant to use it that way again. Lucky for me I scored one of my many KIAs on his 9-2 MG nest which had been wreaking havoc on my troops. I also knocked out the Zrinyi. Turn 3 saw my FT run out of juice and one of my T-34s flamed by a PF, but I killed another 1.5 German squads and forced him out of a fortified building. I was already in good shape, but then Turn 4 really saw the dice turn against Scott when he started rolling 11's and 12s like they were 7s. By the end of the Turn I had my 19VP and it was game. buser333
Saluting a GeneralLost against a skilful defence. Gamer72
Saluting a GeneralA see saw tank battle and with middish kill numbers there were plenty of bounce offs, we had malfunctions, critical hits and even a CH followed by a dud. In the end game the Germans were down to 2 tanks (1 bogged 1 immobilised as they go for the VC area) vs 3 Russian and they lacked infantry support as the Russians had delayed them throughout the game. Unable to take the necessary wood hexes the German player conceded T6 Simonstan
Saluting a GeneralLost against a skilful defence. Gamer72
Point D'AppuiUsed American balance. ASL Archive Tournament. Kydder
Point D'AppuiUS balance used. sides chosen at random. 9-2 leader + MG seemed more useful than the 3 bazookas Richard Webb
Haase to Hold OnA sound, simple Russian tactical plan did not survive first contact with the enemy. The very first Russian paratrooper to enter the board was vaporized by a expertly positioned long-range German MMG before he even entered a full hex! I tried to regain the initiative, but after a bit of back and forth, Steve's layered defense was way too much for me to crack. Well played! Jplott94
Sound RetreatA mobile battle in our playing as the Germans hunt down the CVP required to win whilst also trying to retain the exit VP option. Brit Mk VI powerful in the OVR on the counter attack but 2 lost to the ATG / LMG shot plus 3 Carriers KO secured the win on CVP Simonstan
The IslandFirst day of the campaign game sajimenez
Defence of St. Oedenrode A rare live VASL game for me. This was scenario Q16 Defence of St. Oedenrode from Lone Canuck publishing. Great little 6 turn affair that can easily be played in an evening. Variable entry points for the German forces and variable amount of concealment for the Yanks gives it a lot of replayability.

In our play, it came down to the last turn. All I needed to do for the win was assault move into a +3 stone building, survive his defensive fire (he would have a single 8+3 shot) and then advance into the VP area for the win. Wouldn't you know it, he rolled a 3 on his shot, and my 747 failed its 1MC. An unlikely way to lose, but great fun.
Pavlov's DogsA really fun scenario, with the fascinating tactical situation and the excitement of the dogs augmented for us by a good helping of snakeyes for both sides! The Russian player is defending, but has the chance to attack the German on-board forces on turn 1 before the main German force arrives. My opponent launched lots of dogs at my StuGs - fortunately none of them found their target - but otherwise opted for a defensive approach. In response I sent my attack down the west and east sides, and was eventually able to advance forward from the south-west corner as well, with the result that the Russians eventually found themselves attacked from all sides - a kind of updated Custer's Last Stand. German progress was slow at first, particularly as I was careful with my StuGs because of the dog threat, but eventually the superior German firepower told. The Russians threw in the towel on Turn 6, at which point they had just one unbroken squad left on the board.
An excellent scenario, highly recommended. Unless you are a dog lover!
Knife in the Flank ppalma
Point D'Appui dmareske
One-Eyed JacquesThis one ended on the last turn with German tanks adjacent to the rear building, but not enough to win. mtrodgers99
Point D'AppuiUS balance applied. Germans called it T5 down to 1 GO squad vs 3.5 with the 9-2 still in the game and controlling the victory hex. Bazookas ineffective but Sniper recall and CC did for a number of the halftracks Simonstan
Ten-Ton Tank ppalma
3rd RTR in the RainBritish advanced in good order, and took initial buildings without too much trouble. But they soon realized they hadn't brought enough ammo.
MAs started malf'ing, SW went quiet, and the British 9-1 took a sniper shot to the head.
Those losses combined with a resilient German defense made it too tough to take the last two buildings.
Very cool little scenario. I can see why it is so popular.
A Stiff FightMisread the VC area so had 2 HS out of position in the end game. Nevertheless a chance to win but lost a crucial Melee in final British turn with mutual elimination and the remaining Gurkha units then went down in Japanese final turn Prep. Good fun the dense jungle throws in the occasional surprise with Straying in the MPh. Simonstan
Triumph Atop TaraldsvikfjellVery close finish - Germans naval infantry was not a factor for the Allies since most disrupted when shot at. The two MGs were effective once the Allies started up the hillside, but both broke the same phase in Turn 5 gutting the defense. After that, it was only a matter of time to clean off the ridge line. Eaglewso
Clearing CollevilleGermans hung on to one last stone building after American Defensive Fire Phase in Turn 5 to win. (VASL Log) BravoCo
You've Killed Us!Good training scenario. RJenulis
Besieged TomAbromaitis
Rebels Without A PauseMy second playing of this scenario, and more successful this time thanks to an improved defensive setup, a good dose of luck and some over-aggressive Slovaks. My opponent went for VC#3, delaying the partisan entry, and tried some risky CX runs with stacked infantry on turn 1. Unfortunately this ran into a couple of HIP HSs and they took serious losses. Although the Slovaks made steady progress from there, they continued to take losses, and despite lots of VBM freezes and close-range shooting with their tanks, they never had enough force to take the buildings they needed. Andy_Bagley
Ratushniak's Sacrifice wwillow
Ratushniak's SacrificeVASL jrwusmc
The Tsar's Infernal Machines ppalma
The Czerniakow BridgeheadIronically, Loic won because he didn't declare No Quarter and took a bunch of Germans prisoner and I lost because I failed to declare No Quarter. I would have eliminated enough CVPs to win the game!

Great match!
von Garvin
Brazil's HereHard fought game against Dan Best. It went the full 8 turns and was decided in the final close combat. Dan's Brazilians were hurt early by the German HMG fire group and suffered a bunch of ELR's. The German 8-1 with the HMG would break the HMG and then destroy it with a 6. He would break and miss four straight rally attempts, before rejoining the battle. He would later go heroic and redeem himself by winning the game-winning close combat. I was never able to roll less than 8 to set off my set DC, which honestly really upset me. My rolls were bad even for me. Dan's tanks got some good kills before all three were destroyed. Dan's infantry, despite their heavy losses still managed to get into the village and wrestle 7 buildings away from my Germans and would have won the game had they won the final close combat. Kudos to Dan on achieving so much with such a depleted force. grumblejones
Brazil's Here Danno
Please HurryUsed British balance. The Brits put up a stiff initial defensive line that kept Germans tied up for two Turns or so, but once the line started to crumble it was a quick and decidedly painful loss. Kydder
Red Star ExpressImproper setup and poor decision to waste my first DC, the Partisans were slowly ground down by the advancing Americans and their high firepower squads. Snipers chose the day to go fishing. Jobbo_Fett
Point D'AppuiPlayed as part of the ASL Scenario Archive tournament. My half tracks were used as mobile gun-trucks. I was able to keep my manoeuvre up enough to get in among Jean-Yves little village, aided by the 9-2 wounding on a Casualty Morale Check. Don't discount those 37mm Rounds! von Garvin
Point D'AppuiIt felt like it came down to the last turn, a nice close scenario we played with the balance in favour of the US which seems to be fair. If you want to have fun with halftracks this is a good option
Played as part of IR tournament
Frivilligkompani BenckertI positioned my Swedes/Norwegians for a fighting withdrawal to the trenches at the top of the hill with a HIP unit to prevent a dash to the exit by the German reinforcements. Four trenches across the main ridge line and one on the smaller.
Turn 1 saw the German mortar and fire grouped infantry DM the MMG crew and the gun crew that just occupied the 1st gun. In turn 2 the crew casualty reduced trying to rally and the mortar CH the gun removing it from play. Eventually a HS would occupy the other gun, repair it and then malf it on their first attempt to fire. So, the guns had no positive effect for the allies.
Germans pressed the allied right flank and directly onto the board with the reinforcements. Both sides of the allies did well, breaking quite a number of enemy but no help from the guns and MMG made them fall back and the overwhelming German numbers caused losses.
Eventually 2 HS turned the allied flank with more behind. This caused me to take one unit all the way back to the exit and then occupy the trenches to try and hold off a final assault. Turn 5 was the end. 3 allied units cowered (only 1 leader in the trenches) and the Germans got a CH on the other MMG with the AT gun and rolled a 3 causing a KIA. Another allied unit broke on a FPF.
Ok scenario, without support from the guns or much from the MMG (one MMG only got off one shot as 3 times the manning crew broke) the German numbers are too much for the allies when they get concentrated.
ANZAC BoysJohn set up his defense in the buildings on the west/far side of the street. He put a HS in the forward buildings. On my first turn I moved up to take several of the eastern buildings and be in position to make an attack on Turn 2. On Turn 2, John repositioned slightly, but generally held his positions. On my half of Turn 2, I got smoke from my two mortars and I attacked into the second row of the eastern buildings to capture them. A mild breeze arrived on Turn 2 that, at first glace, seemed to be useful to me - but as it turned out was not useful and probably a hindrance. The wind blew the smoke back toward my positions. On Turn 3, John put a leader in the street to hinder my movement. He also placed 16FP of troops + a 9-1 leader in the forward building. I got my 2 squads + 9-1 leader adjacent to his large stack and was able to break two of his squads in the rear. Unfortunately, he rallied one immediately on game Turn 4. At the end of his Turn 4, he had 6 squads in/around the three buildings on the north-east side of the crossroad - right where I had to go. On my Turn 4, some of my smoke dissipated, and even though I got another smoke into his 16FP hex; the lack of additional smoke ended up being bad for me. I took a 24+7 vs. his large stack and a 12+3 against his stack in the rear. No effect on both shots. He came back with a 16+2, rolling two 3s and one 4 in ROF succession. This broke/KIA'd my large stack and put me in a tough spot. I should have done a banzai charge on Turn 4... On his Turn 5, I failed to rally my 9-1 and remnant troops and failed on another squad rally as well. Tthe drifting smoke came into play against me here. He was able to get through my defensive fire and into one of the east side of the street buildings and also put my 9-1 under DM again (ouch). On my Turn 5, I had 7 total buildings (needing 10). I did a banzai charge on the south and got 2 full squads through massive FP into the building on the south-west side of the crossroad. I ran my other troops into the teeth of his FP and had a chance to get adjacent to at least force some CCs. He took a 4-1 FPP shot and broke a critical squad in my last movement. In Advancing Fire I broke his squad in the south-west building and took that one (8 buildings). I then went into CC with a squad and leader in the "re-taken' building (good chance of success there) and then put an 8-0 leader into CC with his large stack in the building that had me some many problems. Had to win that cc to win (very unlikely!). And it did not work; in neither of those CCs did I get kills. I do agree with the prior AAR on this one. Sort of small that an quickly get away from either side with a few DRs. Fun though. Very well played by John! worksp2018
Assaulted at ArrasBecause of map configuration and forces composition this Squad Bleeder scenario just did mot work for us waynebaumber
All Roads Lead to RomeI misread the VC's (Rookie error) However the VC's are not easy to read. IMHO anyway the better player won and we both enjoyed this wild and chaotic scenario waynebaumber
In Front of the StormSolid battle for the bridge game. French greatly helped by 3 HOB rolls, tow resulting in French heroes and the third resulting in the German MG nest leaving their foxholes and charging the bridge over open ground waynebaumber
Cutting Out a StrongpointThings did not go my way. Winds started turn 2, then gusts prevented smoke. My OBA was inneffective (did manage to kill his FOO), his wasn't. His sniper was active, mine wasn't. Conceded turn 4 when his armour arrived. Already down 6 VP, with another 2 squads broken. May have rated the scenario a bit higher if I had any luck. Pte Parts
Ceramic CityMy German setup was spread along the entire board edge, as the threat of early Polish OBA made me wary of clumping up too much. Giving up that concentration of force, though, ultimately was a mistake. The Polish, especially once reinforced, can hold their own against a spread out line of even these beefy SS units. The handful of HMGs, all of which can Bore Sight, certainly provide enough firepower to make the German advance tricky. I never found a real opening in their line to push through. I did get one FFE off with the big 150+mm OBA, but subsequently malf'd the radio, never getting it fixed. I conceded after my MPh on Turn 5 with zero of the 6 VC buildings in my control, and realistic chances of grabbing maybe 1-2 of them.

This was fun enough, even if the stats today (Poles 9, SS 1) reveal it to be perhaps quite unbalanced. I think the SS could be given Smoke in their OBA to balance this out and provide a bit more maneuverability.
Fuller's FollySetting up as the Germans required some work as the map is very cluttered - also very few good LOS opportunities for the Mortars. But the scenario is interesting and I think quite balanced. The Americans have double the number of troops, but they lack assault fire and have 6 morale compared to the German's 8. The Germans also have an interesting array of purchasable Fortifications with which to modify their defenses.
I played the Germans and lost due to a dismal PrepFire phase on the last turn, GO VPs on Level 2 were 12-11 for the Americans. On the other hand, we're playing the campaign and I have 15 APs for the next scenario to the Americans' 10, so there's still hope for campaign victory I think.
The Meat Grinder jwert02
The Guards CounterattackFirst game in 30 years complete. Chris got his forces across into the first building in the first turn and never looked back. The war of annihilation had begun. I forgot what a hard master the dice could be and how quickly your best intentions can be dashed. Half my leaders taken out by snipers in the Russian first turn did bode well.
Enjoyable game, played well by Chris. Glad to be back. Lots to learn.
Yankee PrideA frustrating but very fun match against Fabio. I had issues with my proud Yanks not being able to find their smoke grenades and usually pinned themselves in the process. As usual with 6 morale troops the US SMCs spent a lot of time rallying broken infantry, which put a serious case of erosion on the US momentum.

The Yanks still managed a solid drive again against 61AA3 but it fell only on US Turn 6 while the American screen facing the board 61 town was worn down and failed to stop a lone 548 back getting back onto board 41 despite its dash through US rifle fire and the 75 HE and MG fire from a Sherman.

The US tanks didn't bother to bring any Smoke along either and their SM8s stayed stubbornly empty but a Pz V was dispatched by a 105 HEAT round into the engine compartment. Three US tanks were still running by game end (oh for a seventh turn).

A well played game by Fabio who's infantry absorbed some serious amounts of FP a number of 20 +2 a pair of 30 +2s and a 40 +2 without breaking. His dice were not overly spectacular but they managed to come through at game end just enough to gain the win.

A scenario very much worth the time to play.
Airfield FracasThis PTO action depicts the couter-attack of the Japanese across the airfield of Peleliu. Almost 4 a.m. when I finished this scecario totally exhausted as the Marines. Our playing was rife with absurdities leading to utter frustration as well as amazement and disbelief. Our playing went until the last APh of Japanese Turn 7.

A full AAR of this playing can be found at GameSquad forum under this link:
von Marwitz
Currie's FavorA fun close game decided on the last CC roll Turn 6. Nervous for the Canadians once they had lost 2 tanks and started to lose some infantry including the Major but just squeaked a win with the Germans stuck on 20 CVP. The Germans took a HMG, MMG, DC with their OB purchases Simonstan
Bofors Bashing manzoliandrea72
ANZAC BoysConsolation game in the March Madness Virtual Tournament found the Germans picking off allied leaders with their sniper, but had trouble making MCs, while the allied side did well in CC. By the end of allied turn five they had 11 buildings and the axis were not able to take two buildings back. Good game Dennis. dmareske
Last Minute War jwert02
Triggerline ZoebelJust finished this one tonight playing the Russians. The Russians have to assault across two Foot Bridges places as part of the setup. Russian AFVs can only cross over a Pontoon Bridge in U4 which is only completed (i.e. placed on board) at the start of Russian Turn 2. Overall an interesting tactical situation.

A full AAR of my playing (as the Russians) can be found at GameSquad forum under the following link:
von Marwitz
Backs Against the Wall ppalma
The Swedish Voluntary CorpsI continued my losing streak against Rob.

I think the Russians have to human wave to get up to the Swedes. The question
is when. I did so on turn 2, and I think I was one turn early. I think my mistake
was compounded by keeping my Russians together, instead of splitting them into
two groups and human waving at the same general target

The Russian reinforcements were a bit of a pain in Rob's side. At any rate, it came
down to the last turn.

The Swedes look like they have no chance as they are vastly outnumbered. But their
skis and the deep snow certainly make the Russian's job harder. I'd play it again.

Rob didn't think there was a lot to do as the Swedes...just skulk and take some potshots
at Russians as they try to cross the frozen waste that is board 44.
Indy Lagu
Shoot-N-ScootBeefy 'Battle of the Bulge' scenario with lots of toys and a truly menacing American 150mm OBA.

A complete AAR of my playing can be found at GameSquad forum under this link:
von Marwitz
About His Shadowy Sides ChuckD
An Uncommon OccurrenceWe had a lot of fun playing this interesting scenario. It was a give and take with a lot of drama.
Landing a CH to see the shot bouncing off (TK 12...), MA breaking down, mixing up Pz IIA with
PSW 231 (both have the same gun and driving in front of the enemy with a PSW 231 while
thinking it's a Pz IIA isn't such a good thing... :D ).

If you need some practice in AFV rules and combat, this scenario is an excellent Fahrstunde.
Blef Blofeld
DesesperesA very nice and well named scenario. At the beginning of the game, as the Russians, I was hopeless since the task of winning seems unreachable... At mid-game, losses raised dramatically in each camp and both players were hopeless. At the end, uncertainty hung over the issue of the game. Suddenly a Russian leader and his team became berseks and a CH vaporized one of the last standing squad. Therefore, in the very last turn, the German defense crumbled... and the way to victory for the Russians was wide open. Many thanks to Stephane for this tremendous game ! lechiquier94
WhiteoutThe set up alone is almost a game in itself. Lots of fun, buy my poor lads kept missing their opportunities
von Garvin
War of the RatsGermans broke last Russians in last building during Advancing Fire Phase of Turn 6 to win. BravoCo
Hart AttackLearning from this loss: always read and re-read the victory conditions. Resuming this scenario after a break, I forgot that it was 1 VP for every two Allied AFVs exited, with FRU! I thought it was FRD, and that's what made the difference, as the Allies exited three tanks, killed one of mine, and captured four buildings for their seven VPs. I would have held the southern cluster of buildings, but that wasn't enough, as it's really hard to avoid losing at least one German tank to the superior 75mm guns of the Allies. Didn't help that my AT Gun malf'ed on its first shot mind. Still a very enjoyable scenario. Andy_Bagley
First Day of Diadem atomic
Sea of TranquilityPlaying by email using VASL, this took Joe and I 107 days to complete (over Christmas and New Years holidays and busy work days). Most of this was due to the complexity of the caves and the rule interactions.
The Fields of Black GoldAn interesting and very good scenario. German was very aggressive with tanks that paid off by taking the small hill early with aid of SMOKE. The Big hill was harder but with sudden death VC the German eeked out a win in T6. Fiedler
All The King's EnemiesRound 3 of March Madness, Semi-Finals. A hard fight for the Australians. They got lots of smoke in the first turn and the 76 MTR never did run out of smoke, though it was misplaced as I forgot Jungle was a two level still did its job in taking the left flank. The middle turns were spent taking up positions on the right and left flanks with a kill stack in position in the middle. Paul rolled a "2" on my kill stack and broke everyone and pretty much took out the rest of my attack. The final turns were spent in some desperate moves trying to get the middle hill, most failed. Good game, will like to try this one again someday. dmareske
Panzer SpiritGreat game - came down to the Germans coming up just short of stealing back buildings in the last half turn. Used "other" balance including playing both full boards. nebel
A War of Their OwnI played Russian defender. Turn 5 of 6, Japanese player conceded. I played a reverse defense to keep the majority of my units out of the range of his Arty/Howitzer guns. Japanese attacked main effort with all of his tanks and half the infantry to the north of the center hill. Japanese attacked to the south with just an Infantry Stack with Leader. Overall, I had very good luck with the dice rolls this game. I shot for deliberate immobilization on his tanks with the ATR when I could. Japanese lost 4 tanks of 6, 3 immobilized, 1 destroyed. Most of his Infantry have been stripped/reduced by end of game. I still had control of both victory locations when he conceded. One Russian infantry squad in a fox hole directly on a victory hex “Battle Hardened” on a morale check turn 4. I had good luck on a few tank immobilization attacks. I got one huge critical hit on an Infantry stack with leader that broke up the south attack. March Madness 2021. Robert7721
All Along the MerderetAs the German, i chose to load up on infantry (2 pts infantry, 2 pts SW, 1 pt leaders, 1 pt armor)and concentrate on taking the orchard hexes while defending the victory hexes along the causeway. I left 5 squads, the MMG and the 35R to defend the causeway and threw all the rest at the orchard.
The Germans benefitted strongly from a number of low IFT rolls and poor American morale rolls. I was able to use my kill stacks against unconcealed units behind bocage. By turn 3 the Americans in the orchard were collapsed and Mike began to try to push down the causeway. On turn 4, i was able to run the PzIII and multiple squads back to help the fight on the causeway.
It came down to a struggle in front of the victory hexes. Germans lost 2 HS KIA, Americans lost 2 HS. In the end, i was able to advance the last German unit in the marsh into the hex protecting the victory hex meaning the only way Mike could win was to KIA them and push past a lot of German firepower and the dice were not with him.
Interesting scenario. I would like to play it again and try the Germans forcing the causeway. I really think that is difficult. Smoke, overwhelming force and some luck will be needed. A 57MM and 2x Baz against at the most 3 tanks is not good odds.
First Day of Diadem jacelm
All The King's EnemiesI set up strong along the central ridge with a light, layered defense along the two flanks. Dave made a balanced attack across the front, somewhat more heavily in the center. As he noted, he had set up his 76mm MTR out of LOS from the central ridge, but could still cover the ridge on my right side. As he made his attack, I had a line of squads behind the central ridge begin digging foxholes in a reverse slope defense that also doubled as positions in VC hexes. His attack on my left stalled when it hit my second line; although he was helped by rolling a 2 in a CC... he pushed up the center with large stack to put pressure there; however, he ran into my MMG and a couple squads - who proceeded to get a nice ROF run and break up the stack. His reinforcements came in on my right nd rolled up that side, but i was able to attrit a a squad and wound a leader. As he pushed up for his final effort, I was able to fight hi off in the center and was able to actually counter-attack to retake the ridge on my left. Dave is always fun to play; good game. worksp2018
Panzer SpiritAlways a fun game with Nathan!! As he points out, we both jacked the board configuration - we used the full board lengths (by the time we saw it, it we were 2/3 through the scenario). Not sure whether this helped or hurt either side. We both had crazy game play events: unlikely, low-odds hits, a tank that drove into a single-story house and rubbling it (but not killing the German squad therein - see the rules on that one!); Nathan ESB-failing one his AFVs while pointing away from the fight (oops); and me malf'ing five of my eight tanks' MAs (gack)... He had a chance on the last turn, but I was able to just stop his rush. worksp2018
True GritFantastic fun! von Garvin
A Sideshow Affair MoriQuessir
Trap by MishapRound two of March Madness saw the Finns break several SWs, but get one PF shot on the big Russian AFV. A couple of good hits from the other tanks kept the other Axis units broken or dead allowing the Russians to exit off board. Great game playing Rick! dmareske
Trap By Mishap HistoryTable
A Bloody HarvestThe Polish MMG tore into a moving stack and KIA'd them...included the 9-2 ldr. The Germans never recovered and did not make it to the compound. Poles were too much of a match as the Germans as they failed many MCs. dmareske
Balkan Sideshow Danno
Balkan SideshowAs the Yugoslavs I had the edge according to ROAR...but being Grumble Jones means you will always find a way to lose the game that shouldn't be lost. And I did. I placed my wire to hinder two of the three roads...which was a waste of time and wire. My AT Gun MALF'd and was eliiminated from play with it's second shot in Turn 1 D Fire. Dan's two Armored Cars basically won the scenario for Dan. My entire was defense was immediately compromised by the two Armored Cars and without my AT Gun, taking them down required MMG fire and close combat, which distracted my resources from the bigger fight against Dan's massive number of troops. My mines failed to stop tanks from crossing the bridge. My only real success was holding the flanks and preventing a crossing by mounted troops. But this was not really a factor as Dan simply came right down the main road and kicked by backside all the way to Macedonia. When you absolutely must get some results from your Defensive Fire and I didn't get much...ASL can be a maddeningly unfun game at times. grumblejones
Slamming of the DoorI played German Defender. Turn 3 loss to due VP casualties. Central area defense. I had the 9-1 leader up front with the Radio to direct OBA. This did not work out as he was broken during turn 1, never got a chance to use the OBA. Russian tank tactics included keeping his tanks “In Motion” to ensure no Start movement rolls, and then put his AFVs in the same hex vs Infantry in woods and building hexes while using bypass movement. This essentially “pinned” the German infantry. While pinned, the Russians swarmed the Germans and forced broken/DM units to surrender in mass. Game was over before the Stug IIIs could have any effect. I got them on turn 3 but it was too late. March Madness 2021. Robert7721
Going To ChurchI made my main attack along the left side, through the building lines on that side. I did keep a couple squads and leader on my right to keep him occupied. My mortar had no smoke (sigh..), so i was forced to do it the hard way. Tom played a nice, rotating defense; sleazing his troops back when he could. I was able to get the DC placed (!), but it had no effect. I was able to start breaking his troops which allowed me to get into the church. On the final turn, I had to rush up to the top floor to get one of units in CC while encircling his final squad on the first floor. To win, I had a 1:2 CC attack to kill that final squad. That CC was the last DR of the game and I rolled a "3" (!!). Crazy. Fun game with Tom. worksp2018
PatrolPlayed as USA January 1944, dawn hindrance in effect. Boards 1a & 2b. 10-5 win (Actually 20-0 but I handicap this mission in certain ways.)

I STRONGLY suggest handicapping the FRIENDLY side in this mission, either by awarding yourself 1/2 CVP or by some other way.
Barking Monkey
The GovernorMarch Madness Virtual Tournament. Neal had a good first turn attack that swarmed the French defense but lost a critical CC and the French sniper took out a couple of squads on the Aussie flank. After that the attack bogged down and it became clear that it would be harder and harder for victory. Lots of broken units on the Allied side became an issue. Good game, but it is hard on the Australians. dmareske
Rebels Without A PauseThe Rebels went for VC#1, flanking the village on the hill with their partisans while assaulting the village mainly from the left with their Slovak forces. One of the tanks brew up early, Melvin the tank held out to the endgame but only inflicted one moral check in the entire game, and Tuomo the tank had a little bit of effect. The Slovaks managed to get a 447+10-2 into the back VC building in their next to last turn. Very fun game! oybj

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On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!
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EP 5 Search & DestroyNear Tarnopol, USSR1944
NQNG6 One Eye to the WestVienna, Austria1945
MM98-I Sacrificial LambsHohenruppersdorf, Austria1945

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